As a new Juice Plus+ Rep., how you start your Virtual Franchise is up to you – you set the pace and we will match it.

Our Fast Track program allows you to earn a promotion and a $100 Healthy Living Plan Bonus (HLP) during your first 30 days.

Then you can earn an additional $250 2000+ Bonus (in addition to your profits and commissions) and a free ticket to the next Juice Plus+ Conference. When you complete your 2000+ Fast Track your sponsor will also receive $250, so they are highly motivated to help you, as you will be to help your team!

Completing this Fast Track gains you two promotions and a 14% pay raise with only one third of the business volume normally required – on the ‘slow track’ (2000 vs 6000 points). It also sets you up for this progress:

How do you accumulate the 2000 points?

NOTE: points count ONLY from your personally sponsored team members (ie. “front-line”), not from other Reps on their teams.

Start with your own family’s orders.

Your customers will buy the Juice Plus+ products that you use and love.

If you don’t grow a Tower Garden, they won’t.

If you don’t use the Vineyard and Complete, they won’t either. It’s that simple!

Look at this typical example (click on the image to the right for a complete price sheet):

Product qty pvc points
JP+ Children’s Health Study order 1 106.5
JP+ Vineyard Blend order 1 63
JP+ Complete order 1 70.5
JP+ Chewable Samples order 1 63
Tower Garden 1 352.5
Total 655.5

To earn the $100 HLP bonus, your initial 500 points must come from at least 2 other households (as well as your own) and your 2000 points must come from at least 7 other households.*

Note: by following this approach, the $100 HLP bonus you earn (plus your first month ‘profit’ on your products and your customers’) should cover the cost of your Juice Plus+ products during your first 2 months, at least.

How do most people complete their Fast Track?

1. Ordering Juice Plus+ products for their own family first – 600 points maximum count towards your 2000.

2. Getting one team member (or more), who does the same – 600 points.

3. Together with their new team member(s), taking orders from 6 other households to total 800 points.

This can be done in a day, a week or a month (or two); the faster the better; you set the pace you want for your future team, because they will follow your lead. “Let me tell you what I did when I started.”

If you find 2 team members instead of one, then you move even faster.

All orders, including your own, must be Preferred Customer orders to count towards your Fast Track bonus; the only ‘wholesale order’ permitted for the Fast Track is one order for the JP+ Chewable Samples.

Your new Rep must have at least one active preferred customer order on his/her account.

All of your personally sponsored team members (ie. “front-line”) Rep(s)’s personal and customer orders contribute to your 2000 points for the $250 bonus and VF promotion.

How can I best plan and track my 2000+?

Use the tracking sheet in the Getting Started Guide and this Points Chart.