Fast Track to Senior Sales Coordinator

New Distributors

Volume: 8,000 payline pvc (points) in any one month during the 12 month period

  • • Only Preferred Customers Orders will count (No wholesale volume)

Time: 12 months from Application Date

Team Structure:

  • 1 Sales Coordinator line (with 6+ active Reps)
  • 2 Virtual Franchisee lines (1 must have Fast Tracked, 1 with 6+ active Reps)
  • 1 Direct Distributor line
  • • No household members

Performance: Must be a “3 Club” with two of the four lines qualified for Performance Bonus in your qualifying month for SSC.

Existing Sales Coordinators

Volume: 4,000 new Payline points

  • • Total Payline points must exceed 8,000
  • • Will average the last 3 months volume (before the month of the last Conference) to  determine the base (i.e. If your base is 5,000, you must complete 9,000 in total payline pvc)

Time: Any one month between Conferences (Spring or Fall)

Structure: Same as for a new distributor (above)

Performance: Same as for a new distributor (above)

Existing Distributors, Direct Distributors & Virtual Franchisees

You may also earn the position of SSC by completing the New Distributor requirements above.

  • •8,000 payline pvc requirement must be from business originated from the 1st day of the month of Conference.

Reward for Completing Requirements

  • • $1,000 Team Building Bonus
  • • $200 credit toward a Juice Plus+ Bootcamp

Official FT to SSC Flyer