What's In Juice Plus+?

We certainly understand your wanting to know exactly what's in Juice Plus+. We have even heard this from most of the thousands of physicians we work with, who now unreservedly recommend Juice Plus+ to their patients. For example Dr. David Phillips was taking eight different vitamins and herbs, now he only takes Juice Plus+.

Coming to understand the difference between Juice Plus+ and traditional supplements is a major step we all took, once we understood the truth.

Unlike traditional fragmented vitamin and mineral supplements, Juice Plus+ is whole food containing the broad range of naturally occurring nutrients found in the 17 fruits, vegetables and grains that it's made from.

For example, there are literally thousands of different vitamins and other nutrients in a single orange, an apple, a leaf of spinach. This is in stark contrast to vitamin pills that contain only a few vitamins in fragmented, isolated, and unnatural ratios. Nowhere in nature will you find a food that has the vitamin content of a vitamin pill.

The real question here is not "how much there is in the bottle", but "what gets into your blood and what effect does it has once there", ie. how bioavailable is it? Juice Plus+ bioavailability is scientifically proven. Bioavailability and the synergistic effect of fruits and vegetables is missing in vitamin/mineral pills.

Modern science now knows that traditional supplements do not help, and in may cases harm those who take them. Here are a few articles on this subject:

Study raises new concerns about safety of calcium (Washington Post, April 2011)

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So, many of the most important nutrients in Juice Plus+ are NOT the traditional vitamins and minerals. Other antioxidants in fruits and vegetables are now proving to be far more powerful than A, C, and E, and there are thousands of them. Scientists now know that the total antioxidant power of a single apple or orange far exceeds that of a typical vitamin C pill. The same is true of Juice Plus+.

You can see the label contents for Juice Plus+ products here. Notice that Juice Plus+ is categorized by the FDA as a "whole food", and has a Nutrition Facts label, not Supplement Facts. In many states that do not tax food, vitamins are taxed, but Juice Plus+ is sales tax exempt: it's food! This article on Juicing vs Juice Plus+ explains how Juice Plus+ is made.

Juice Plus+ (4 capsules) contains the Vitamin C of 4 oranges, the beta-carotene of 3 raw carrots, and more Vitamin E than several servings of spinach and broccoli ... along with many other vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants, active enzymes, chlorophyll and fiber - all from fruits and vegetables. The effective antioxidant power of whole food is far greater than individual supplements (eg. 1000mg of vitamin C), even though the levels of individual antioxidants is much lower in food. Similarly the total synergistic antioxidant power of Juice Plus+ has been demonstrated again and again in published research.

Juice Plus+ is now the most thoroughly researched nutritional product in history. The more than 30 published independent clinical studies of Juice Plus+ are described here.

Juice Plus+ significantly increases antioxidants and reduces free radical damage, supports the human immune system and protects and helps repair damaged DNA (and much more).

Which manufacturers of supplements on the market can say the same for their product? None that we know of.

In the words of Richard DuBois M.D. (Chief of Internal Medicine at Georgia Baptist Hospital in Atlanta, retired) "Food is well proven to prevent disease, whereas the truth about which vitamins in what dosages have the same effect still eludes scientists trying to find the magic pill. Nothing in the world, with or without a prescription, has been clinically proven to do what Juice Plus+ does.

To fully understand the power of Juice Plus+ and this body of research please watch this video featuring Dr. Richard DuBois: