Invite Your Customer to Join Our Mission

Listen to this audio training.

You can make some extra income by building a customer base ($500 easily). To make more significant money you need to build a Team.

The bigger your Team (and the more customers they are getting), the bigger your check.

Your check is a measure of the difference you are making – helping people achieve great health and vitality, and helping some achieve financial peace.

There are two approaches to team building; the difference between them is How You Lead.

Although we always “lead with the product”, we also lead with the product AND the business when appropriate. This happens best when we lead with our Mission “To Inspire Healthy Living Around The World”.

You can accelerate your team building by what you do and how you do it: asking good questions, listening well, sowing seeds and working on the harvest (listen to Julie Herbst).

Every new Juice Plus+ Rep. should have, as their first goal, completing the Fast Track, then to arrive at Sales Coordinator – their destination. Use the Healthy Living Plan to invite people into your Mission.

There are several key steps in Team Building (click on each of the links below for more information):

1. Designing Your Team

Design Your Team by identifying five people you admire and respect and would like to build this business with. Answer the following questions about each: How do you know them? (friend, co-worker, etc.) What do you know about them? (cancer survivor, mom) What have you already shared about Juice Plus+?  Your sponsor or coach will help you with the “next steps”. On page 5.10 of your online Owner’s Manual is an example of how to do this and the kind of information that is helpful. You can even use your Virtual Office to do this!

2. Mastering the Memory Jogger

The Memory Jogger is the #1 tool for every Juice Plus+ Rep. No matter what stage in the business you are at (brand new or NMD) to succeed you must have a current Memory Jogger and use it daily. Become a master at using your Memory Jogger, and teaching your team to use it.

3. Filling Your Funnel

Your Funnel (aka Pipeline) is full when you have spoken to lots of people (50-100) about Juice Plus+.  When you’ve spoken to relatively few (such as 10-20), you will find this business hard work, you will feel undue pressure and – worse – you may feel you are pressuring (even ‘bugging’) your friends and family as a result; and who wants that?! A full Pipeline will give you lots of prospective team members to work with.

4. Sharing your Business Story

Armed with a compelling Business Story and the boldness to tell it to everyone who is open to hearing it, you will find your team building efforts fun and effective. In this economy almost everyone is open to the idea of making some much needed additional income; and sharing a wonderful product like Juice Plus+ will be attractive to many of these people. Most of the time you will never know that someone has an interest until you ask them. Here’s a great message explaining how to ask them in a way that’s comfortable for you and them, and is most likely to succeed.

5. Converting “Raving Fans”

Converting a customer (who loves Juice Plus+) into a JP+ Rep requires the same ‘boldness’ as converting a prospect into a customer – you just have to ask! You might say something like: “Think back to what life was like before Juice Plus+. Think about what it would be like now without Juice Plus+. How would other people’s lives change if they had what you have? You have the privilege of sharing this great gift of health with your friends and family. Would you be interested in spending 30 minutes to look at how I do that, to see if it might be for you too?”

This Training Call by Karen Weaver will also help; here are Karen’s notes for this call.

6. Validating the Virtual Franchise

Once you’ve told your Business Story and have someone interested, what next? They need to Understand the Virtual Franchise business model. The simplest next step is to sit down with them and go through the Virtual Franchise brochure or the Virtual Franchise presentation book. You can also do this online. Here are several suggested steps:

7. Painting the Big Picture

Our Virtual Franchise is so much more than just selling pills! To see the big picture, your prospects need to hear from real experts. Credibility is vital, and the old bible saying holds true: “You cannot be a prophet in your own home town.” Experts add great credibility to our efforts and our business. The medical experts we have on CD,  DVD and video, and at health events, provide 3rd party credibility for Juice Plus+. Ron Blue’s audio provides the same for our Virtual Franchise, as does Gordon Hester’s Capitalizing on the Wellness Movement. Use them with your prospects. Also Jay Martin‘s great article gives the view from the top of NSA – another great tool.

8. Exploiting Events

Events help paint the big picture, especially by introducing your prospect to the Juice Plus+ family and the Juice Plus+ culture – which are very special! Invite a business prospect to a training event so they can see how we train our teams.

9. Thriving on 3-Way Connection Calls

Get your upline National Marketing Director on a Connection Call with your prospect, to hear their success story, to answer their questions and to cast a big vision for what is possible for them. If this hasn’t happened before they become a JP+ Rep. then make it happen as soon as possible afterwards.

10. Starting a New Juice Plus+ Rep Successfully

Having sponsored a new team member, your priority is to get them off to a fast start. This is more likely to happen the more you have followed the steps above – every one you miss reduces the chance of their starting well. Why? Because every step is foundational to their training. If you have to explain about events (because they haven’t been), about the tools (because you didn’t use them), about the power of Juice Plus+ products (because they are not using them or haven’t for long enough), they start on shaky ground.

First, establish ‘where they are’ – their level of interest in building a business. This intro helps by introducing the  Friends and Family Plan.

For the more ambitious, let them Launch their Juice Plus+ Business with 4 simple steps.

Then they can use these Steps for a more comprehensive approach, including helping them set their goals. The Fast Track to VF and to Sales Coordinator are our standard and their right; we encourage everyone to work for their bonuses, because they will make all the difference between success and failure.

11. Growing Reps with Goals

Finding a ‘serious’ business builder to join your team is your most important goal – this makes all the difference when you have a ‘buddy’ to work with, who is as enthusiastic and committed as you. To accelerate this process, Wendy Campbell has some good pointers in her article: Converting to Reps with Goals.

“Keep it Fun, Simple and Duplicatable” and they will want to join you. Early on in our Juice Plus+ career Mick did not follow this advice, and we struggled. He’s an engineer and wanted to be the “expert” (know-it-all!); he worked hard but with an intensity that scared people off. Hard work is necessary, but don’t be seen to be working hard. Have fun!

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