JP+ Reps with Goals

Taking Juice Plus+ Reps to Reps with Goals by Wendy Campbell RN, NMD

For those who may only have their children on gummies and don’t think they can afford Juice Plus for themselves, this is what you may want to suggest to them:

“Gosh, I don’t know if this is for you or not but I would love to sit down with you and share a little bit about what I do in gifting and sharing education and creating a customer base and just knowing that I’m doing something important for the world. You know, why don’t you come on over to my house and let’s sit down. I have this new phase one training I’d like to practice it anyway and you’re my friend so I won’t feel really silly going though it but just come on over, I want you to understand what my ministry is.”

Then when they come over sit down with them and say:

“I don’t know Hon, if this is for you or not but if we were to create that YOU could gift and share education MAYBE we could help to cover the cost of not only your children being on Juice Plus but YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND as well. By gifting and sharing education and creating a customer base you’re really helping a lot of different people. Let me share with you what I do.” (Then go over the phase one training)

So that would be an entry suggesting to these families if cost is holding them back that maybe they could take a look at joining your team but NOT in a threatening way like “Come into my business” or “ Let’s go to NMD together” Or “Let’s make a mint.”  That is NOT the way we move our customers forward. Most of the people in our group really get involved just to help other people and by the way they start getting some success and some confidence and the next thing you know they’re not only just a distributor doing a little bit just to cover the cost of their families taking Juice Plus but NOW they are setting goals as they get the “ah-ha! I can do this!”

For your solidified customers who are giving you referrals you can suggest:

“I don’t know if this is for you or not but you have your whole family on Juice Plus+, you love it you’ve been giving me referrals, you’ve been sending some of the DVDs and educational materials that I’ve shared with you. You’ve been giving them to other people. I don’t know if you know this or not but you’re doing what I do. You are gifting and sharing education because your belief is so strong that you’re helping people you just can’t help it! You’re sharing information whether you know it or not. Again, I don’t know if this is for you or not but I’m looking to expand my team. This is really become a ministry for me and I really think it’s going to end up being a serious career. Because I’ve never felt so committed to anything in my life as doing this job of sharing the relationship of nutrition to disease with people. So, I don’t know if this is for you or not but why don’t you come on over. We actually have this new phase one training sheet that I want to work off of and I’m going to take you thought our company and a little about the system that we use that’s not oriented towards sales but more orientated towards gifting education in a series of exposures where people can come to see the importance of nutrition in their lives. I don’t know but why don’t you come on over and let’s sit down and go through this and then you’ll get a sense of how I get paid and how you can certainly offset the cost of your family taking Juice Plus. And also create how you’re touching other people with this message.”

So you’re helping people to see that they can share Juice Plus as well but in a non-threatening way where they don’t feel like they’ve got to drop everything in their life and go out and do this full speed ahead. Most of the people who come into our business do it very gradually. They get on Juice Plus, they love it, and they see how simple the system is in education, the PC program, not a lot of start up costs. You are gently simply sharing the idea of coming into the business but without making it seem really horrible.

You don’t have to shove it down their throat, you don’t have to be pushy, simply invite them to learn more.  We don’t SELL Juice Plus; we sell people on becoming educated. WE sell them on listening to the DVDs; we sell them on coming to an event. Knowing that we are gifting them with education. It’s the same with the business. We don’t shove the business down their throat. We don’t sell them on the business. If we sell them on anything it’s an opportunity to learn more at your kitchen table going through a phase one training or it is selling them on the idea of doing a 3-way call with the up line to introduce the idea of joining the team. But we don’t sell them on the business. We sell them on the next step education that will move them closer to understanding what it is that we do. It is that gentleness and that encouragement but certainly we have to put it out there.

We want to avoid asking questions like “Do you want to get on Juice Plus” with out a DVD or any education. We use that series of educational exposures. It’s the same with the business. If you ask, “Do you want to come into my business?” They’ll say, “No” because nobody needs another business or they don’t perceive that they need THAT in their life. They see it as one more thing and they can’t picture themselves doing that sort of a thing because that sort of a thing is “sales” and “sales” is uncomfortable for people.

So you don’t want to put them into a position to make a decision before they’ve been educated as to what it is that we do. Which is why when I set people up at my kitchen table to introduce them to the idea of our business, I spend quite a bit of time talking about the fact that we don’t sell we gift through DVDs and events. When someone signs up as a customer we have gifted health now and into the future. So I get them revived on their belief system on Juice Plus before I even sit down and start talking about the phase one training.

Don’t say, “Do you want to get started in my business come over and I’ll share it with you?” SAY, “Why don’t you come over and let’s sit down and let me teach you what it is that we do in our ministry of gifting and sharing education. I don’t know if this is for you or not, but let’s go through the process of education so that WHEN you make a decision you KNOW what it is that we do. You KNOW the NSA system, You UNDERSTAND the value of the sales support materials, and the research and the peer reviewed journals and the concepts of training calls so you don’t have to get a baby sitter and run out of the house.”

They have to get a sense of what it is that we do, how we get educated what the resources are for our education. And that’s why the start up book is so good because the whole idea of the start up book is to give them confidence. They have the pamphlets, so that they don’t feel they have to know everything about nutrition. They have tools to use. You go over the conference call schedule so they can get the training they need. When you go over the events in the area it gives them the confidence that they can bring people to that event and have them get the same education that brought them into the loop of Juice Plus. You’re showing them the system and helping to draw them into the quality of the company we’re associated with and the quality of the team. Another step to invite them not just to the kitchen table but the next pot luck training of distributors at someone’s home. Where they get a sense of the other team member that they will be associated with. And they very often connect with the whole excitement of the room and the quality of the person in the room and they get a sense of “Hey I belong here, I need to do this. I’m committed to doing this.”

It’s all about series of educational exposures on our team, on NSA, on our system to give them the confidence that when they make a decision about the business it is an educated decision. They have a better sense of about what it’s all about because they probably don’t know anything about what it is that we do UNLESS we teach them. So that’s what we do, we just SIMPLY TEACH!!

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