Senior Sales Coordinator

Congratulations! You have reached another important milestone: the first level of Executive Leadership. Now, in addition to other benefits, you will receive a Business Incentive Bonus (an extra 10% on your check) and a Holiday Bonus.

What Next?! With your coach use this Plan to help focus and plan to achieve your Goals.

Your Goal

Your next major Goal is, of course, Qualifying National Marketing Director (QNMD).

Promotion Requirements

  • MINIMUM total of 40,000 Payline (Paid) PVC over a 2 consecutive month period (average 20,000 Payline PVC per month)
    • Second month Payline PVC can be no lower than 20,000
    • Maximum of 60% of 20,000 base Payline (12,000 Paid PVC) can be counted from any one line
  • 3 SC lines in Performance Bonus (PB) for both months
    • PB lines in Bonus must be “Working Lines” by second month
      • A working line for QNMD promotion level will be a MINIMUM OF 8 ACTIVE/WORKING REPS that have minimum of 3-5 customers each, creating a minimum of 90 PAID PVC per Rep
    • ALL 3 SC lines in PB must be EFFECTIVE by second month
    • SC lines in PB Bonus using EXCESS to qualify, may affect promotion approval
  • 2 SC lines in Promote Out Bonus (POB) for both months
    • Both SC lines in POB must be EFFECTIVE by first month
    • SC lines in POB Bonus using EXCESS, or being manually qualified, may affect promotion approval
  • A Household/Spouse line will not count toward PB or POB Structure toward QNMD promotion
    • Exception to that rule would be if there is a “Working Rep line”, within the spouse line, that could be used as the Structure requirements

One new frontline 2000+ VF Promotion within the past 6 months

Reward for Completing Requirements


Must hold QNMD Requirements after promoted for 3 consecutive months to be eligible for QNMD BENEFITS PACKAGE

Your Focus

To reach QNMD you will need roughly 800 total team customers, 80 total team members, 20,000 monthly volume (points) and 10-12 qualifiers on your team.

As you know, you will get to QNMD by helping your team achieve their goals. As you reach for the 12 Club – three of your Team are in the 3 Club and 10-12 of your Team are qualifying their businesses – you will reach QNMD!

You’ve made great progress building a team, and you are inspired by the truth that Together Everyone Achieves More. This is a core strength and value of our entire Business Model – the Virtual Franchise.

Now your focus shifts to becoming a stronger Leader and developing Leaders on your team, helping them reach Senior Sales Coordinator, just like you. Develop a “Next Step Planning” mind set.

Start your month with your Invitation List and teach your team to do the same. Use the 20-10-5-1 Success Formula with Intention and Invitation. This will be your source of ‘new blood’ for your team; those who helped you get to SSC may not be the ones who help you reach QNMD, and you cannot get there alone.

Teach your Team to teach the Mission Driven Model. This is absolutely key to developing enthusiastic customers who will take Juice Plus+ long term, who will spread the good news (giving you referrals), and some of whom will join your team as Juice Plus+ Reps.

Support your growing team with Wellness Presentations.

Connection Calls will become increasingly important in your DMO with your Team members.

It’s time to TEACH pvc and how it fuels your paycheck. Use this training with your Sales Coordinators; have a printed copy of this worksheet to hand.