The Wellness Movement

Gordon Hester is a business and financial momentum expert with more than 25
years of real world experience. To the Juice Plus+ family, Gordon has been the man behind the scenes working closely with NSA’s top money earner Jeff Roberti for over 20 years.

Never a Juice Plus+ distributor, nor an employee of NSA, Gordon has the experience, the objectivity and the intimacy to give a clear perspective on how NSA/Juice Plus+ is proven, prepared and positioned to enable you to capitalize on the coming Wellness Movement.

Gordon’s presentation below is an articulate statement of what our Juice Plus+ culture is all about.

He provides important insights into our current economic climate, the state of “illness care” worldwide, and a clear understanding of just how our Juice Plus+ business is positioned for success.

In addition, he offers practical solutions based on his extensive study of the important role of relationship building in business. Gordon is an astute businessman and a keen observer of people.

Listen to Gordon’s excellent presentation herewhile following along in his powerpoint here.