Next Step Planning

As we coach our team members, it’s important to focus them on the Next Step. To do this we must have a Next Step mindset. We believe it will help if we can give the ‘coachee’ a Vision for what their business will look like at the Next Step, and keep that Vision clearly before … Continue reading

Qualifying National Marketing Director

Congratulations! You have reached an important milestone and you are in qualification and training for NMD (see the benefits below that await you!) Your Next Step: Your next major Goal is, of course, National Marketing Director. Let Julie Herbst remind you about the Leadership Track: This worksheet will help you and your sponsor plan and track your … Continue reading

How To Take Juice Plus+

Juice Plus+ … Just Take It! We email our new customers using this Welcome Email. Advising your customer to start slowly is very important; since they often don’t read emails (properly) you should call them to make sure they start slowly. Here’s what we say: “When is it best to take Juice Plus+? It really doesn’t matter. We suggest … Continue reading

Introduction Emails

Email is a powerful, simple and “comfortable” tool to support your Virtual Franchise. It is no substitute for face to face and phone conversations, but it is effective and efficient. After the major challenge of managing email, the second challenge is to give your prospects just enough information, without overwhelming them. We’ve written a sample … Continue reading

Facebook Party Follow-up

Plan ahead; during the party watch for comments by your guests – they will tell you what interests them. Be ready: immediately after the party follow up. How to download the list of event attendees (click here) At the end of the event the those who invited guests should tag each guest in the website ordering post or … Continue reading

Make Your Life a Masterpiece

This is the title of an audio presentation by Tommy Newberry that has the power to change your life for ever. Tommy is the best-selling author of, among others, The 4:8 Principle and Success is Not an Accident: Secrets of the Top 1%. He also is the founder of the 1% Club – those he … Continue reading

Health Information (documents, videos and audios)

ADD – How to Treat (pdf) by StaciJoy Ellis, RN ADD or NDD (video, 8 min) by Dr. William Sears ADHD and Autism (32 min) by Dr. Valerie Miles Allergies to Foods and JP+ (2 min) by Bridgette Blain, PA Allergy to a food within JP+? (9 min) by Wendy Campbell, RN, NMD, 100 Club Allergy to a … Continue reading

Qualify Your Business

As you build your base of Preferred Customers and your team, your monthly paid product volume will grow until it reaches 1,800 each month; then your business is Qualified. See this Pricing Guide for full details. When your business is Qualified, you earn a 3% bonus on most, if not all, of  your team. As your team grows, … Continue reading

Facebook Friends Favor

Here’s a way to expand your reach, to find new prospects, and to have more people to share your Juice Plus+ Story with (as well as a DMO that will keep you gainfully employed).  So far some have seen 5-10 Yes’s, others as many as 69! Only attempt this if you are willing to do … Continue reading