WATCH OUR LAST TEAM EAGLES ZOOM (best watched in full screen) JOIN OUR LIVE TEAM EAGLES ZOOM HERE: www.zoom.us/j/9709485950 (NOTE: THIS IS ALSO THE LINK FOR INDIVIDUAL AND SMALL GROUP ZOOM MEETINGS) If asked for a meeting id, enter 9709485950 or join by phone: 646-558-8656 Register for a free account at www.zoom.us, then install the Zoom … Continue reading Zoom

Events, Events, Events

Your Juice Plus+ Website has a listing of all the events around the country. In real estate the three most important success factors are “Location, Location, Location”.  In your Virtual Franchise they are “Events, Events, Events”. If Preferred Customers are the “life-blood” of your business, then Events are the “arteries”. “Flow” your prospects and customers through … Continue reading Events, Events, Events