The Power of Duplication

‘Duplication’ involves two different but tightly-connected concepts: Duplication is about results: the exponential growth that comes from our business model. Duplication is about action: the importance of keeping what you do simple, so others can “duplicate” you (OR IS IT?!) The first is vital and pretty easy to understand; the second is often misunderstood. To a significant degree the second leads … Continue reading The Power of Duplication

The Birth of Juice Plus+

by Dr. Humbart Santillo Before I tell you about the research behind Juice Plus+®, I’d like to tell you the personal story that led to the development of this whole-food product. When we’re experiencing a trauma or other significant event, we don’t always fully understand it until it has passed, and then we realize that it has changed our lives for the … Continue reading The Birth of Juice Plus+

How To Take Juice Plus+

Juice Plus+ … Just Take It! We email our new customers using this Welcome Email. Advising your customer to start slowly is very important; since they often don’t read emails (properly) you should call them to make sure they start slowly. Here’s what we say: “When is it best to take Juice Plus+? It really doesn’t matter. We suggest … Continue reading How To Take Juice Plus+

Trade Shows

EXPOS, HEALTH FAIRS & TRADE SHOWS Exhibiting Juice Plus+ at a Health Fair, Show or Expo is not the main way to build this business, but for the right person they can be very useful. So, Trade Shows are NOT for Everyone, but… Elizabeth Tasis found this business at a trade show many years ago. … Continue reading Trade Shows

Daily Method of Operation

“A good DMO may well be the most useful and simple tool that anyone can use to improve time management. I am confident that this strategy will make a profound difference in your life.” Gordon Hester Your DMO needs to focus you on achieving a goal for the month – for example, the 5-1-1 (enroll … Continue reading Daily Method of Operation

Wellness Presentations

… aka Healthy Living Parties Wellness Presentations (WPs) have come with many different names: aka Wellness Workshops, Healthy Living Parties, Wellness Gatherings, etc. They are now our standard, consistent with our Mission “Inspiring Healthy Living Around the World”, promoting One Simple Change. It is by far the most effective way to: acquire customers build an existing customer’s (and Partner’s) belief … Continue reading Wellness Presentations


“I have a dream…” Martin Luther King I am more convinced than ever that, in our culture, 5% or fewer still know how to dream; and those folks who do, have made goal setting a habit, because they believe their dreams are possible and that goal setting and taking action are the way to make … Continue reading Dream