ATM stands for Add, Tag, Message.

You first add (invite) people into our private (+ hidden) Facebook group (for prospects and customers). Next, you tag them in a post or a video you want them to see (firstly, an announcement post that explains what we are all about). And then finally, message them to see what they liked best.

Your goal is to attract the people who are open to Juice Plus+ and to create curiosity. A combination of the content in the group (organized in Guides) and the tags and comments to many of the posts, will provide essential third party validation.

A. The invitation (Add):

First, send them a message like this: “Hi, [name] I’d love to add you to a private healthy living community group that I’m in, on Facebook. If you’re interested, of course!”

When they reply with “Sure, add me to the Group”, go ahead and invite them. Then message or text them the address link to the group (it will look like this: https://www.facebook.com/groups/xxxxxxxxxxxxxx/).

T. The Tag:

Once they’re inside the group, tag them in the post you want them to see (starting with the top announcement post), and send them a message along these lines: “I tagged you in the video, I think you’re going to love it, let’s talk again tomorrow”.

M. The Message:

The next day, simply follow up with a message or text, and ask them what they liked best and if they would like more information. Then start the Conversation.

Keep Tagging & Messaging them until the Prospect becomes a Customer. Keep Tagging & Messaging them until the Customer becomes a Partner. It’s a process and each Tag gets them comfortable with the process, so they will do the same when they are ready to utilize ATM themselves.

Here are 4 things to keep in mind:

#1. You’re not a salesperson

You’re engaging people to identify qualified prospects, not trying to sell everybody on Juice Plus+. If someone is not interested, that’s ok — there are others who are – and they will eventually come around. You’re sorting, not begging.

#2. It’s hard to have confidence when you’re new

You don’t have to be confident in the beginning, just brave. Embrace it. You can make up in numbers what you lack in skill. That’s what most do and that is the best way to improve! The ATM system works if you do.

#3. It takes time to build, just like anything else

Most people do not say “yes” after one exposure. The more people you invite to the Facebook group, the more people watch the videos and read the posts, the more exposures they get, and – as a result – the more productive conversations will follow,… the more success you’re going to see and money you’re going to make.

#4. The Conversation is everything (not the A. the T. nor the M!)

ATM is the key to opening the door to a productive Conversation: that’s where the big things happen.

THE MONEY IS IN THE MESSAGE! (Messenger or Text)