Business Building Contest 2021/22

Our Contest runs between JP+ Live! Conferences, from October to March and April to September each year, recognizing and rewarding Business Building Results (rules below.) 

Results to date for November

October’s Eagle of the Month:
BRIANNA TANNER (wins $150)

Last Full Contest (April – Sept. 2021): Overall Results

DENISE FEIGUM won a free Conference Ticket for the Anaheim JP+ Live!


Each month the winner and those finishing in 2nd and 3rd (with at least 500 points) will receive $150, $100 and $50 respectively. TEN Eagles attending Conference live and in-person will win $100 in a totally random drawing. At the end of September and March each year a free ticket to the next-but-one Conference will be awarded to the overall Contest winner. 

Points are awarded for High Payoff Results: for new product orders, new sponsored Partners, your own promotion (any) and for helping your personally sponsored Partner achieve a Fast Track promotion: P+, QSC, FT2SC, SSC, QNMD or NMD.

From October through December 2021, in line with the company’s new Club Bonuses, we are recognizing each person who qualifies their business for the first time,  or qualifies for 3 Club, 6 Club, 12 Club, etc. for the first time. 

High Payoff Activities & Results


Your new Preferred Customer orders (20 each)


Your new Juice Plus+ Partner


Your 5-1 Bonus (for 5 orders + 1 Partner sponsored; double for 10 + 2)


Your 5-1-1 Bonus (for 5 orders + 1 Partner sponsored + 1 P+, QSC or SC  promotion)


You qualified your business or for any Club membership for the first time


Your Fast Track promotion (P+: 100. QSC: 200. SC: 300. Also 300 for QSSC + above)

100 – 300

Your personally sponsored Juice Plus+ Partner Fast Tracked to Partner+


Your personally sponsored Partner Fast Tracked to QSC


Your personally sponsored Partner Fast Tracked to SC, QSSC, SSC or above


The monthly goal for anyone wanting more from this business and in the contest is to “5-1-1”. Add at least 5 customer orders, sponsor 1 new partner and promote 1 new Partner+ or QSC. Consistently achieving this and teaching it to your team to do the same will guarantee massive success. The importance of this is reflected in the 5-1-1 Bonus of 250 points and the 5-1 Bonus of 150 points.

Follow this 20-10-5-1 formula to be on the Leaderboard every month.

NOTE: Please tell us when you promote someone, as there may be a delay before it shows up at the Virtual Office. Best of all: congratulate your team member in our Team Eagles Facebook Group – great recognition and we will see that!

Please tell us if you sponsor a former Juice Plus+ Partner (a “reinstatement”) as this will not show up in the Virtual Office, but you deserve the points!

Here are the happy, random drawing winners in Austin! Denise Feigum, Brianna Tanner, Lisa MacAulay, Melinda Crenwelge, Karen Ord, Constanza Fishel and Debi Tappe – congratulations!