Dear Mom and Dad,

I hope you're doing well!  I'm still doing fine but the food at school really bothers me!  Mainly because junk food rules - everybody eats it, it's available everywhere, probably because it's cheap.

According to the experts, I am supposed to eat 10 or 11 servings of fruits and vegetables every day and even more when I work out.

It's already difficult to focus sometimes, and I know part of the reason is because I don't eat healthy enough. I'm sure my studies would go better if I ate more "brain food". But I don't see that happening with my hectic schedule and constant papers and tests.

So, here's the deal: I just heard about Juice Plus+ (JP+). It's 17 fruits, veggies and grains in capsules and soft chewables. Apparently JP+ is the most researched nutritional product in history, with 13 years of published research. 

If you want you can watch the video below to learn more from 4 doctors or read some info. about Juice Plus+ and the problem of food at college (below).

Apparently lots of students are now getting JP+ free, because the "Juice Plus+ Health Study" was recently expanded to include college age students. There are more than 500,000 kids enrolled world-wide, and you can see the results below.

I'd love to take Juice Plus+ but, to get mine free, I need one of you to be my "sponsor" in the study and take JP+ too, which would cost you $41.75 a month. Would you be willing to do that? It would definitely be great if we could try to get healthier by taking our JP+ capsules every day together.  All we have to do is complete a couple of questionnaires during the year to give them the survey data they need.

If you agree I can put you in touch with the JP+ people, who will get us set up. Please call me or text me!!

Love you and miss you!

Your "undernourished" son/daughter

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