CONSISTENCY IS A MUSCLE (listen to Elena Sonnino)

Do you ever feel like you’ve lost your motivation? Your momentum? What if the change you wanted, didn’t require to “find” anything?  In this episode, Elena shares the idea that consistency is a muscle, and that you can create more of what you want by taking one step at a time. This episode is for anyone who feels like they are full of ideas but fall short on follow-through. 

Key Points

  • Consistency isn’t magic. It is about showing up with a rhythm or pattern. 
  • You don’t need to find your motivation. What you need is to create your own momentum. 
  • You are actually already good at being consistent. 
  • Even the strongest muscles need recovery and rest. 
  • How might you set yourself up for success? 

Try this 

Ask yourself these questions to build your consistency muscle:

  • What do I want to create more of?
  • Why is that important to me? What will change in my life?
  • Is there an old pattern or habit that is getting in the way?
  • What would it take for me to build this new muscle?

And then, commit to your actions by putting them on your calendar and give yourself a way to be accountable to yourself. 

Get an accountability buddy or team!

If you work to consistently improve yourself (or your business) by 1% each day, in only 70 days (with compounding) you’ll be twice as good as you are now. This begins with small steps. Pick one thing you want to get better at, and do it every day. Mark a big red X on your calendar for that day. And don’t break the chain!

If you need to take a day off for “recovery” (if you’re feeling fatigued or burned out), put an R instead of an X on your calendar for that day. When you’re sick and can’t do anything, put an S on that day. If you’re on vacation and cannot or do not want to do your task, put a V on that day. It’s ok to miss a day, but not too often!