We build our JP+ business one conversation at a time – sharing our products and sharing our business by sharing our Story.

More than ever before, “The world is hungry for better health, a sense of belonging and an opportunity to live a life of purpose.” (John Blair, Senior VP, The Juice Plus+ Company)

Also, more than ever, people crave Connection. Connection is the first step in having a Conversation. A meaningful conversation will enrich a Relationship. Relationship is at the core of a growing Juice Plus+ business.

The first, most important high-payoff activity in our business is daily conversations about Juice Plus+. Yes ‘daily’! Do that one thing for your business every day.

You can start the conversation by text, email, Facebook (Messenger), Instagram or Twitter, but quickly say “Let’s talk” and pick up the phone. “Let’s talk” uses today’s interaction to make it more likely you will have one tomorrow.

A new and powerful jumpstart to a great conversation is A.T.M. (check it out!)

Early on in our career with Juice Plus+ (now 30+ years long – longer than my career with IBM!), we learned that you cannot say the wrong thing to the right person (the one who is ready for Juice Plus+), or the right thing to the wrong person (the one who is not ready).

Internalizing this truth will take lots of pressure off – it’s NOT all about US! So, as you prepare for daily conversations, say this to yourself:

“I cannot say the wrong thing to the right person, or the right thing to the wrong person. So, it’s not all about me!” 

We often say “we are paid for talking to people”, which is true; but perhaps it would be better to say “we are paid for conversationally listening to people”, then responding appropriately. Become a world-class listener! People love us when we truly listen.

“Say less to more people”: instead of an hour talking to one person, spend 10 minutes listening to 6!

Asking the right questions at the right time, listening to the answer and responding appropriately to what you have heard are probably the most important skills to learn for success in life and in business.

There are so many questions that you can ask, but relax; good questions will come to mind when your mind is open to asking questions. Practice asking questions in every conversation you are in – not to open the door for Juice Plus+, but because you are interested in the other person, and so that you can develop, and in time master, the skill.

Before the conversation goes too far into Juice Plus+ land, say something like: “This may not be for you, you may not be interested, or this may not be the right time. If that’s true, it’s fine!” If they are still open, then: “Would you do me a favor?” Yes? Then: “IF I send you a link to a short video, would you watch it and let me know if it makes sense, what – if anything – resonates with you?” 

In good conversations we quickly reach the point where we can decide which product we will share with our prospect – only ONE! Keep it simple. Here are the five ‘product doors’ we may lead them through: JP+ Trio, Complete, Omega, Shred10, Tower Garden. Door #6 is the Virtual Franchise.

In some conversations it will be clear that their “pain point” (challenge) is money. In that case they don’t need us to show them how to spend money (even on Juice Plus+.) They need to know how they can make money. So, be prepared to share the product AND the business with them: your Story.  They can start this business with $52 and be in profit their first month. Can I share with you what I am doing to bring more money and health to my family?”

If you feel under too much pressure to share, you could decide that you will NOT talk about Juice Plus+ today. Surprisingly, if you are out among people, you will often find yourself talking about Juice Plus+ when you said you wouldn’t – just because the pressure was off!

Find more ways to take the pressure off yourself and off them, and you will see great results!

During, and in preparation for, your daily conversations use all your favorite tools, eg: