Desert Runners

The four driest, windiest, hottest, and coldest desert on earth. The Atacama in Chile, The Gobi in China, the Sahara in Africa, and the "Last Desert" in Antarctica.

These are the locations for the Racing the Planet's 4 Deserts Ultra marathon series, rated by Time magazine as one of the most challenging endurance competitions in the world.

Each of the four races covers more than 150 miles - the equivalent of running six marathons in five days, over extreme and diverse terrains with temperatures ranging from over 120 degrees Fahrenheit to 30 degrees below zero.

The people you will meet on this video will attempt to run, walk, or crawl their way across all four deserts, carrying everything they need- clothes, food, water, medical supplies, sleeping gear - in a single backpack, pushing their bodies and minds to the very limits of human endurance.

Do they have what it takes to survive the 4 Deserts?

Juice Plus+ is an important part of their survival kit.

The video is narrated by Dean Karnazes - The Ultra Marathon Man himself - who recently ran across America.