In more than 30 published clinical studies, researchers tell us what Juice Plus+ does inside our bodies.  One of the newest of these studies shows what Juice Plus+ can do to improve how we look on the outside, too.

Here is an overview of the Juice Plus+ research published, completed and still underway.

How Juice Plus+ contributes to healthier skin

In the first skin research conducted on Juice Plus+, experts at the skin research center at the University of Witten/Herdecke in Germany monitored several indicators of skin health in 52 women over a 12-week period. This study was published in the Journal of Skin Pharmacology and Physiology.

“We’ve seen the clinical data showing that Juice Plus+ reduces free radical damage and improves the immune system and the cardiovascular system,” explains Mitra Ray, Ph.D., a biochemist, lecturer, and co-author of Do You Have the Guts to Be Beautiful? (Shining Star Publishing, 2009). “What is really exciting, though, is that as your inside becomes healthier, this eventually shows up in your skin as well.”

Dr. Ray, a longtime proponent of Juice Plus+, has seen the positive impact of taking Juice Plus+ on people’s skin – including her own. “Now we’re about to have our first clinical data to help support this observation,” she shares appreciatively. Please watch Dr. Ray's video below.

Among other markers of skin health, the German study analyzes the impact of Juice Plus+ on skin density and thickness, which Dr. Ray says is very important. “Increased density and thickness indicate that the structural components that make up the skin are healthier at the molecular level,” she elaborates. “Because the skin exfoliates so often, this means that the new cells coming to the skin are healthier and more resilient.”

The German researchers also measured the skin’s properties as a barrier to water loss – hydration being another key link in Dr. Ray’s skin/nutrition chain. “The skin’s ability to stay more hydrated has the effect of making wrinkles look less visible. I personally noticed this in the fine lines on my forehead.”

Dr. Ray thinks this all just makes good nutritional sense. “Improved plant nutrition helps increase ‘microcirculation’ through the tiny capillaries that come almost to the very surface of the skin. This translates to better skin color and tone – what people refer to as a ‘healthy glow.’”

The Witten/Herdecke skin research team has completed their study and analyzed the results. The resulting scientific paper is now being prepared for peer review and publication.

Beauty of Juice Plus+ on Lifetime TV

Please watch Dr. Ray together with 7 other doctors, in the video below.