Nutri-Tip---No Excuses, Please!

by Ask Dr. Sears February 22, 2011

For years we have been aware of the many illnesses that can be linked to adults, who continue to eat unhealthy foods along with an unhealthy life-style. Unfortunately, we are now also seeing these same illnesses in children. In my book, The NDD Book (Nutrition Deficit Disorder) Here are the top excuses I hear from parents who continue to feed their children junk food:

“It’s less expensive.” Actually, it’s more expensive to feed your children fake food than wholesome food.  When it comes to real food, you get what you pay for: wellness. You are likely to have fewer doctor bills, because wholesome food builds your child’s immune system.

“But my children won’t eat healthy foods.” Yes, actually they will. If you buy and serve only wholesome foods, they will eat them. This has been proven in food-refusal studies at the nutrition laboratory at Penn State University, where children who refused to eat certain foods were studied. If there is no other choice, and if they are hungry enough, children will eat the foods you give them.

Here are some suggestions for how to get more for less if you’re on a tight food-shopping budget.

  • Buy in bulk and split the cost with another family.

  • But in bulk from food co-ops.

  • Watch Sunday newspapers for coupons and sales.

  • Grow your own fruits and vegetables.

  • Buy more when on sale and in season and freeze.

  • During berry picking season, pick pounds of them and store in your freezer.

  • Patronize your local farmers’ market and “real food” stores. The higher their sales volume, the lower their prices will be.

  • Think quality, not quantity. Kids eat much more of non-filling “fluff” foods than they do of nutrient-dense grow foods.

Dr. Bill

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