Juice Plus+ Information for Diabetics

Diabetes is epidemic, tracking the rampant increase in obesity. It's severely impacting adults, but even worse, our children.  “This generation of children has a shorter life expectancy than their parents.” says Dr. David Katz, Yale University.

While Juice Plus+ is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease, "there is no single disease or condition that cannot be helped by good nutrition", says Dr. Paul Williams, Emergency Medicine. So, we offer below some information from medical experts who use Juice Plus+ with their diabetic patients, because these people are often trapped between a desperate need for fresh produce in their diet, and severe restrictions presented by their diabetic diet.

Shirley J. Robertson, MD, is in Family Practice in East Lansing, MI, and offers this information: "Juice Plus+ and diabetics make a great combination because most diabetics can't eat enough fruits and vegetables for good health due to the calorie content, especially of fruits.  Most diabetic diets limit fruit to two to three per day and vegetables in the green, leafy variety to three per day.  Other vegetables such as potatoes, corn and squash are placed into the starch category. Juice Plus+ makes a great dietary supplement for diabetics because the capsules have virtually no salt, sugar or starch.  All these ingredients are removed in the drying process before the remaining nutrients are powdered from the raw fruits and vegetables.  Therefore, you get the anti-oxidation benefits of 17 raw, fresh fruits and vegetables without the calorie intake of those same foods.  Diabetics, however, still need to eat right and exercise as well. The nutrients from Juice Plus+ are in the form of antioxidants, phytochemicals, food enzymes, vitamins and minerals that are generally found in the skin or outer layer of plants that we mostly peel away in normal food processing.  These nutrients help digest our food and actually slow the absorption of nutrients in the gut or gastrointestinal tract.  Thus, blood sugar swings are fewer and absorption is improved after eating breakfast with the Orchard Blend capsules and dinner with the Garden Blend capsules.  Antioxidants help normal body metabolism.  The most common ones we know about are Vitamin C and Vitamin E; yet thousands of other antioxidants are needed for normal body metabolism.  Vitamin C and Vitamin E can be unbalanced by artificially overdosing these same helpful vitamins by taking standard multiple vitamins, leading to kidney stones in the case of too much Vitamin C and worsening of certain tumors in the case of Vitamin E.  Juice Plus+ avoids these problems because it is whole food, which contains the natural balance of the food we normally would eat if we juiced 17 different fruits and vegetables each day. Another Juice Plus+ product is also safe for diabetics.  Juice Plus+ Complete has calories, but is balanced with fruit and vegetable powders, along with a balance of grains and fats from vegetables resembling the recommended food pyramid:  mostly grains, a balance of fruit and vegetables, some soy protein and a little fat.  Juice Plus+ Complete can be mixed with water, if calories are a problem, or with soymilk, fruit juice or regular milk, depending on preference or which meal is being replaced or supplemented. In short, there are no harmful effects on diabetics from the Juice Plus+ line of products, yet many helpful benefits."

Dr. Peter Lodewick, MD is a practicing physician specializing in diabetes care, and a diabetic himself.  He has served as president of the Alabama affiliate of the American Diabetes Association and has served on numerous diabetes editorial boards. 

In his book “A Diabetic Doctor Looks at Diabetes” Dr. Lodewick comments:  “If people are not able to consume enough fresh fruits and vegetables -- I, for one, am one of these people as my sugar may go up if I eat too many fruits and juices ...  Knowing the protective health benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables, I began using a product called  Juice Plus+”.   Since using this product, I have felt much more energetic, despite working very long hours, sometimes with minimal sleep.  There must be nutrients in the product that I was not getting in my diet. The product is made by a process called ‘flash drying’, which prevents heating and freezing from destroying the nutrients that may otherwise occur when fruits and vegetables are frozen or heated.  There are seventeen different fresh fruits and vegetables in the product … to make just one day’s supply.”

In another book, “The Diabetic Man”, Dr. Lodewick also says:  “...getting the needed fruits and vegetables may be a chore without it adversely affecting weight loss plans and blood sugars.  In searching for an answer to this dilemma, I have become familiar with a product called Juice Plus+ ... It contains natural components of fresh fruits and vegetables in easy-to-digest capsules.  There may be extracts of up to four pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables contained in a day’s supply.  Studies indicate that the bioavailability of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and plant nutrients in these capsules may be more than would be available by consuming five to ten fresh raw fruits and vegetables a day.  I have been using Juice Plus+ for the past 3-1/2 years, primarily to prevent arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and, in my own case, it has made me feel better and has given me more energy than I was getting from my routine diet.  I have seen the same response in many of my patients; some have noted relief of pain, more energy, less fatigue, lower sugars, improving cholesterol and blood fat.”

Wendy Boltz, a Type 1 diabetic, diagnosed at age 11, says: "Over the last 26 years, I have learned to manage my diabetes to the best of my ability but it is tricky. Two years ago I was at a very discouraging place in my life, doing my best to exercise, watch my nutrition and take vitamins, but my body was deteriorating at a rapid pace. I hardly had any energy, and got sick whenever I was exposed to anything. I began getting recurring bladder infections, and eventually had a very severe kidney infection. It was at this low point that I started taking the Juice Plus+ capsules, and my health started to be rebuilt. After a few weeks, my energy started to improve, my nails started to grow and my hair was thicker. More importantly, my infections did not return, and I figured that the external changes were probably indicative of internal changes. After a few months, I began using the Juice Plus+ Complete, along with the capsules. This provided a great boost in my energy level and blood sugar control. As I have continued on the products, the good results keep getting better. My blood sugar has definitely stabilized and been easier to keep within "normal" range. My energy level is very high (which, as you are probably aware, is a problem for most diabetics) and I also credit Juice Plus+ Complete for that. I drink it every morning and wouldn't be without it. Also, my immune system is great, and I haven't had a cold or flu in about 18 months. I have been on Juice Plus+ for almost 2 years, and everything about my body gets healthier all the time. In fact, I just received a great report from my dentist about my teeth and gums. The hygienist said she had never seen such healthy tissue on a diabetic before. I truly believe that every diabetic should avail themselves of the excellent nutrition and protection that Juice Plus+ has to offer. If it can rebuild my health from such a hopeless place, I know it can help others in a similar situation and can do even more for people who use the products right from the start."

Bottom Line: diabetics need Juice Plus+, and so do non-diabetics.

Juice Plus+ is the most thoroughly researched

nutritional product in history, shown to:

 ~ be bio-available (it gets into our blood)

 ~ significantly increase antioxidants in your body

 ~ significantly reduce free radicals (oxidative stress)

 ~ protect and help repair DNA

 ~ enhance the immune system

 ~ improve circulation

 ~ improve heart health

 ~ improve skin health

 ~ improve gum health

 ~ reduce symptoms of the common cold

 ~ reduce systemic inflammation

 ~ improve athletic recovery and performance