Men's Health Magazine: Dr. David Katz and Juice Plus+

In Men's Health Magazine this month (January 2013 - on page 118) we see the most recent public recommendation for Juice Plus+ by Dr. David Katz: world famous Director of the Prevention Research Center at Yale University.

He recommends we supplement our diets with "whole foods" not a synthetic "multivitamin" because research is conclusive that vitamin pills do not work, yet Juice Plus+ works really well.

Dr. Katz is one of thousands of health care professionals around the world who recommend Juice Plus+ to their patients, friends and family.

Juice Plus+ is whole food based nutrition in a capsule or chewable; Juice Plus+ is not a vitamin supplement. Juice Plus+ is also backed by solid research with more than 25 published studies proving that it works.

To fully understand the difference between traditional vitamin/mineral supplements and whole food (including Juice Plus+) please watch the video featuring Dr. Richard DuBois below.