Juice Plus+ for Athletes

Exercise is good for us. Yes, of course! However, all athletes (and the parents of young athletes) need to understand the negative effects of exercise, and how to combat them through nutrition.

The only nutritional supplement clinically proven to provide the protection that athletes need is... Juice Plus+.

This is why Juice Plus+ was the official nutritional support for the German, Swiss and Austrian teams training for the 2012 Olympics in London, as well as many other Olympic and world class athletes around the world.

Juice Plus+ is the most thoroughly studied and proven nutritional product in history, and has been tested on elite athletes in several different environments. You can read an overview of all the research here, and more on the exercise research here.

Two articles published in the Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise and the Journal of Nutrition, documented an in-depth study of 41 highly trained men (Austrian special forces, aka the 'Cobras') consuming Juice Plus+ for 28 weeks.

Juice Plus+ was shown to completely nullify the oxidative stress experienced by these men while exercising to Vo2max80.

Here is a graphical summary of the results of this study:

  • 41 Cobras (special forces); 28 weeks; standardized diet and exercise (endurance & weights)

  • Groups on placebo or Juice Plus+ Orchard, Garden and Vineyard Blends (standard amount)

  • Duty hours increased 45% from week 1 to week 28

  • Standard exercise test: 40 minutes on stationary bike at 0, 4, 16 and 28 weeks

  • Measured Protein Carbonyls and other markers of oxidation

At the end of the 28 week period, with their workout intensity ramped up to the maximum, their duty hours increased by 45%, and with the accumulative effect of oxidative stress kicking in, compared to the placebo group whose oxidative stress (carbonyl proteins) was measured at 0.9 after exercise and still raised to 0.5 30 hours later, the Juice Plus+ group saw NO change in their levels, which remained at the same, normal 0.3 level as the before exercise baseline (at the start of the 28 weeks).

All the studies on Juice Plus+ in serious athletes have demonstrated impressive results:

Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 2006 (full article) - Study findings: Juice Plus+ supplementation for 2 weeks attenuated the rise in protein carbonlys after 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, even after a 1 week washout.

Journal of Nutrition 2007 (full article) - Study findings: Several indicators of oxidative stress, immunity, and illness improved in 41 highly trained men (special forces) consuming Juice Plus+ for 28 weeks.

Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 2009 (full article)    - Study findings: Exercising at 80% VO2max intensity, the Juice Plus+ group (compared to placebo) had lower baseline protein carbonyl levels after 16 and 28 weeks and no exercise-induced protein carbonyl increase. Human mercaptalbumin, another marker of exercise-induced oxidative stress, was also significantly lowered.

Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 2010 - Study findings: This study reports that 4 weeks of pretreatment with a FVC (Juice Plus+) can attenuate blood oxidative stress markers induced by an acute bout of eccentric exercise, but had no significant impact on the functional changes related to pain and muscle damage.

In each of these studies, the all-important training effect was supported by Juice Plus+ while dramatically reducing the exercise-induced oxidative stress. The training effect of exercise (aka adaptation) is vital for the athlete to gain in strength and endurance - for example, muscle tissue must break down and be repaired to grow stronger. However, excessive damage caused by exercise-induced oxidative stress is to be avoided if possible. This study again demonstrates what all Juice Plus+ athletes know from their own experience: that those who take Juice Plus+ have less oxidative damage, while fully benefiting from their training. For more on Juice Plus+ Athletes in Europe visit www.juiceplussports.eu.

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