Healthy Living Plan: Your First Step to Success

Fast Track

As a new Juice Plus+ Rep., how you start your Virtual Franchise is up to you – you set the pace and we will match it.

You can start slowly, start fast or take off like a rocket ship on the Super Track!

Your first step is really simple: accumulate 500 points in any 30 days or less, with at least one customer; you earn a promotion to Direct Distributor, with a $100 Healthy Living Plan Bonus (HLP) + your profits (more than $100).

Start with your own family’s orders. Your customers will buy the Juice Plus+ products that you use and love. If you don’t grow a Tower Garden, they won’t. If you don’t use the Vineyard and Complete, they won’t either. It’s that simple!

Your initial 500 points must come from at least ONE other household (as well as your own, but more is better!) If you sponsor a team member during your 30 day window, all of their personal and customer orders contribute to your 500 points for the HLP. It doesn’t get fairer than that!

Note: by following this approach, the $100 HLP bonus you earn (plus your first month ‘profit’ on your products and your customers’) should more than cover the cost of your Juice Plus+ products during your first 2 months, at least.

3 Ways to be Part of Our Mission

You can copy the signup sheet to the back of the order form; then use this verbiage:

“You can start eating Juice Plus+ today! Becoming a customer is the very reason that our mission exists! Healthier families equals healthier communities!”

“Secondly, if you have thought about someone in your life that would benefit from Juice Plus+, then it just makes sense for you to be part of our Healthy Living Plan! You get money back on your own products for only $50/year. PLUS The Healthy Living Plan rewards you with over $200 by sharing Juice Plus+ with 1-2 other families in the next 30 days. Can you imagine the impact this will have for those people? AND it helps to expand the reach of our mission!”

“Finally, if you are feeling a tug or a stirring in your heart to start sharing this with all the people in your life, then we invite you to link arms with us!! Not only will you be helping our mission, but we will be able to make a bigger impact in our community!”

“What would you like to do?”

Build Your Team: Offer the HLP as a third door into Juice Plus+

After your HLP: Fast Track to Virtual Franchisee and beyond! Here’s how the HLP Thank You Program can take you all the way to National Marketing Director!

Healthy Living Plan Bonus