Introduction Emails

Email is a powerful, simple and “comfortable” tool to support your Virtual Franchise. It is no substitute for face to face and phone conversations, but it is effective and efficient.

After the major challenge of managing email, the second challenge is to give your prospects just enough information, without overwhelming them. We’ve written a sample email you can use from day 1 of your new business – below.

You will still need to do the “normal” Follow-up, and of course you will personalize the emails – they must be from you, and they must be sent individually to your friends/family: “Dear Jane, …” This takes time, but it’s much more effective than sending one email to a list.

Be sure to understand the power of the “Drip System” and use our regular Health Emails.

Also, these Video Emails are another way to share the many on-line videos we have at our disposal.

Here is an email you can copy and modify with your own information, and send to friends and family to introduce them to Juice Plus+.

Subject: Introducing Juice Plus+

Dear Jane,

It’s important to take Juice Plus+ consistently for at least 4 months, because it’s “food” and it helps improve your health slowly, one cell at a time. As you can see below most see results in 4 months and even more improvements after a year or two; this is the experience of 150,000 families in the Children’s Health Study.

“Kids Eat Free”! When a parent or grandparent becomes a customer, Juice Plus+ will be provided free for a child aged 4 thru’ full time college student (for up to 4 years). This is a terrific study with 800,000+ children enrolled in 14 countries.

Juice Plus+ is proven to work: it has been studied in universities and medical centers around the world, with more than 30 clinical studies published in reputable journals. More studies are due to be published during the next year or two. You can read an overview of the research here. Juice Plus+ comes in a 4-month supply, costing $44.50 a month (plus tax in some states). The cost of the JP+ chewables is $24.50 a month. You can order on the Store at my website below. Or simply give me a call.

You may also want to look at our exciting new product: the Tower Garden by Juice Plus+.

Please watch our “Bridging the Gap” video featuring eight doctors explaining exactly what Juice Plus+ is and why it is the most thoroughly researched and top selling nutritional product in a capsule in the world.

Your partner in healthy living,
     Your Name

Most people don’t decide on their first “exposure”, so following up with another email and a phone call is essential. Offer them a CD or DVD, an Article that will build their belief or another Online Video.

When someone asks “Could Juice Plus+ help with my … (disease, condition, problem, eg: high cholesterol)?” Here’s the best answer:

“We always advise taking Juice Plus+ for your health, not for your sickness. When you look through this Juice Plus+ Research and realize that (statistically) you will see ALL these results when you take Juice Plus+ consistently every day, doesn’t it make sense that you will be getting healthier?”