Ready to join our Amazing Race? Here’s what you need to know:

✴EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! There will be surprises, hopefully all of them fun.

✴If all team members are under 18, a parent or guardian’s signature is required to register and on the waiver.

✴Teams with any member under 13 must include an adult (18 or older)

✴Sign in at the Start and receive final instructions between 1:00-2:00pm, but no later than 30 minutes before your start time.

✴Team #1 will start at 2:00pm, then teams start every 2 minutes.

✴Follow all directions and guidance of organizers and volunteers.

✴Take care at all road crossings, dismounting and walking bikes across.

✴At each Pit Stop you will collect a directions card from a volunteer. Keep them in your team envelope and hand in at the Finish. Any missing cards may result in disqualification or penalties.

✴Certain challenges not completed inside 5 minutes will incur a “detour” delay by the volunteers.

✴Failure to text a correct photo (as instructed) will incur a 5 minute time penalty for your team (unlikely but…!)

✴Bring a fully-charged smartphone to the race – this must be the number confirmed on your liability waiver.

✴Wear comfortable shoes, bring water bottles and dress appropriately.

✴You may use bicycle, scooter, skate board or go by foot! Nothing motorized (nothing electric.)

✴No littering: pack it in and pack it out!

✴The Amazing Race takes place within Eagle Ranch, so there is no need to go outside the ‘boundary’.

✴Stay with your team at all times! The team that stays together, plays together.

✴You will meet other teams on the course, some coming towards you! Take care, keep everyone safe.

✴Your team may pass another team out on the course (safely!), but not at a Pit Stop. Please be patient if you are held up!

✴Always play fair. Have fun, and race within the rules.

✴Finishing positions will be entirely based on Time. Teams with young team members or runners will start with bonus minutes; we don’t want you to be at a disadvantage! These minutes will be deducted from the team’s finish time (only one bonus will apply to each team).

✴By September 16th you must have paid the $30 fee, and completed the online waiver. If not, your place will be offered to one of the waitlist teams. 

✴Judge(s’) rulings are final.

Grateful Thanks go to our Amazing Race Title Sponsor: