by Todd Smith Did you know you have the power to make our world a better place?  “Who? Me? Impossible!” I hear you saying. But it’s true. In this world of turmoil and strife, with chaos everywhere across our nation and around the globe, there has never been a greater hunger for simple words of … Continue reading Encouragement


The Secret to Success? “Success and failure. We think of them as opposites, but they’re really not. They are companions–the hero and the sidekick.”  ~ Laurence Shames Richard Branson’s Three Keys to Entrepreneurial Success Provide Untapped Value to the Customer: “The most critical thing with any new venture is we must deliver a tremendous value to the … Continue reading Success

Gluten Free

Gluten intolerance seems to be epidemic in our world, so it’s very important for our customers to know that all Juice Plus+ products are gluten free. But what does that mean exactly? All our products meet the limit proposed by FDA for gluten-free foods, no wheat, barley or rye, and less than 20 parts per million gluten. Currently the limit … Continue reading Gluten Free

Juice Plus+ Radio

Radio Listen to these audio recordings on your smartphone or computer Woman to Woman with Bunny Jumonville (2-time cancer survivor) From Surviving To Thriving with Marilyn Joyce, R.D. (5-time cancer survivor) Are you Digging Your Grave With Your Fork with Susan Silberstein, PhD (CACE) In Case of Emergency with Paul Williams, M.D. (emergency medicine) Call Me In The … Continue reading Juice Plus+ Radio

Qualify Your Business

As you build your base of Preferred Customers and your team, your monthly volume or points (‘paid product volume’) will grow until they reach 1,800 each month; then your business is Qualified. See this Pricing Guide for full details. When your business is Qualified, you earn a 3% bonus on most, if not all, of  your team. … Continue reading Qualify Your Business

Next Step Planning

As we coach our team members, it’s important to focus them on the Next Step. To do this we must have a Next Step mindset. We believe it will help if we can give the ‘coachee’ a Vision for what their business will look like at the Next Step, and keep that Vision clearly before … Continue reading Next Step Planning

Create a JP+ Raving Fan

Your goal is to have Raving Fan customers who share their Juice Plus+ Experience with others – in person, in our Facebook customer group and on their own Facebook pages. Prompt them to share their results, with family, with friends, on social media! Ravings Fans result from great Customer Care that ensures a really positive Juice … Continue reading Create a JP+ Raving Fan

Health Articles

Below are emails we’ve sent to our friends and family to educate them and give them more exposures to Juice Plus+. Remember the importance of the Drip System. You can copy/paste these into your own emails: open, and point your mouse pointer at, the page you want to use right mouse button click, and click … Continue reading Health Articles