Dr. Mitra Ray Answers Your Questions

Dr. Mitra Ray, a successful PhD biochemist, obtained her BS degree at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York and her Ph.D. from Stanford University, Palo Alto, California. Her research focused on cell biology, particularly as it relates to cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and other degenerative diseases.Dr. Ray published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, … Continue reading

Hosting Facebook Parties

You can invite to Facebook Events that others create, but hosting them yourself is much more powerful. You can offer a Business Launch Event for every new partner who joins your team and ask customers and friends to host a party for you. First decide if this will be a Facebook-only event or a Live … Continue reading

Video Emails

We are all so busy! One of our greatest challenges is getting someone’s attention long enough for them to want more information. Video technology (TV, Internet, DVD, etc.) is now commonplace and most of us are wired to need video ‘stimulation’ to help us pay attention; just ask teachers! So, when you first launch your … Continue reading


Employing the Pipeline concept is crucial to enjoying every aspect of your Virtual Franchise. Capitalize on this method and you will have lots of fun and success. Your Pipeline (it may help to visualize a funnel), is full when you have spoken to lots of people (50-200) about Juice Plus+.  When you’ve spoken to relatively few … Continue reading

Share Your Journey

Listen to this audio training. Keep it simple; then those you invite to join your team will say: “I can do that! We invite people to take a look at Juice Plus+ (our products) and to take a peak at what we do (our Mission, our business). In all of this our Conversations make all the difference. … Continue reading

Juice Plus+ Information in Spanish

Spanish packet from Juice Plus+ Promotions Juice Plus+ Brochure (Español) Juice Plus+ Complete Brochure Juice Plus+ Family Health Study Brochure Virtual Franchise Brochure Virtual Franchise Presentation Booklet www.teamjp.net translated into Spanish Compensation Plan video Spanish Training video (Negocio Simple) Spanish Youtube videos Spanish Video Playlist Spanish Forms & Applications at the Virtual Office. TheFreedomRevolution Resources … Continue reading

Business Management Resources

20-10-5-1 Success Formula 3-Way Connection Calls 5 a Month 90 Day Game Plan The Birth of Juice Plus+ by Dr. Humbart Santillo Boards – an amazing tool & resource! Children’s Health Study Contribution Breakdown Clubs and Average Earnings Coaching Compensation Plan Compensation Plan UK Daily Method of Operation (DMO) December strategies to CRUSH IT in January … Continue reading

Go For No!

Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There. For years we have trained on the importance of being willing to “mistake your way to success”. Now we have discovered an outstanding book and program that teach the same thing. What if you could take the greatest obstacle standing between you and success, and … Continue reading

Facebook Parties

Facebook is more than a social media website. Much more! Facebook is fast becoming a Business Building Platform – optional but powerful. Facebook is becoming one of our top Tools, especially Facebook Parties! Facebook Parties are for EVERYONE! Facebook Parties are powerful. They are FREE and you and your guests can attend in your jammies (you don’t even have … Continue reading

The Wellness Movement

Gordon Hester is a business and financial momentum expert with more than 25 years of real world experience. To the Juice Plus+ family, Gordon has been the man behind the scenes working closely with NSA’s top money earner Jeff Roberti for over 20 years. Never a Juice Plus+ partner, nor an employee of NSA, Gordon … Continue reading