Business Building Contest 2021-22

Our Contest runs between JP+ Live! Conferences, from October to March and April to September each year, recognizing and rewarding Business Building Results (rules below.) Final Results for September September’s Eagle of the Month: NICOLE HELMSTETLER (won $150) August’s Eagle of the Month: CARLA & TIM BARTLETT July’s Eagle of the Month: MELINDA CRENWELGE June’s … Continue reading

Create a JP+ Raving Fan

Your goal is to have Raving Fan customers who share their Juice Plus+ Experience with others – in person, in our Facebook customer group and on their own Facebook pages. Prompt them to share their results, with family, with friends, on social media! Ravings Fans result from great Customer Care that ensures a really positive Juice … Continue reading

UK Phenomenon

Most of you have heard the rumblings of all the excitement going on in the UK over the last couple of years,… new orders climbing to over 30,000 per month (from 1,000 per month), recruiting up to approx 2,500 new Reps per month (from 100 per month), record setting promotions left and right, etc. At … Continue reading


You never need to run out of prospects if you get good at getting referrals! Here’s how … ASKING FOR REFERRALS (while doing Customer Care Calls)  When you have a “satisfied customer”, ask them for referrals: Step 1- Affirm Success “You’ve had great results on the products” (or make it specific to their results)…, “You know … Continue reading

Social Media Guidelines

     Facebook                LinkedIn           Twitter             Instagram                                 Be sure … Continue reading

Is Juice Plus+ Organic?

The fruits and vegetables from which Juice Plus+ is made are grown in a variety of locations best suited in soil and climate to each particular fruit or vegetable. Juice Plus+ makes every effort to source and use the highest quality, vine-ripened fruits and vegetables available. Organic produce is used whenever possible. Having been several times to the facility … Continue reading

Mastering the Art of Goal Setting

Do you find this an exciting subject or boring? If you read all that I’ve written here, I expect you to be as excited as I am! What Goals do I have? Well, I have 17 goals for 3+ years out, 12 for 6 months out, and 6 for next month; oh, and I’m working … Continue reading

How To Take Juice Plus+

Juice Plus+ … Just Take It! We email our new customers using this Welcome Email. Advising your customer to start slowly is very important; since they often don’t read emails (properly) you should call them to make sure they start slowly. Here’s what we say: “When is it best to take Juice Plus+? It really doesn’t matter. We suggest … Continue reading

Go For No!

Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There. For years we have trained on the importance of being willing to “mistake your way to success”. Now we have discovered an outstanding book and program that teach the same thing. What if you could take the greatest obstacle standing between you and success, and … Continue reading

Health & Nutrition Articles

Advice for Nutrition and Wellness on World Health Day Are Natural Cures Bad for Your Health? (Health magazine, Nov. 2010) Foods to Help Keep Flu at Bay (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) The Flu Fighters – in your Food (Wall St. Journal) Calcium and Osteoporosis (Dr. Jim Guest) The  Beauty of Healthy Skin Dental Health … Continue reading