Tower Garden

Partner Resources Tower Garden Order Form (2020) Tower Garden Training video (from the Virtual Office) Tower Garden Customer Care: …  866-235-0414 Tower Garden Growing Guide How to Plant Seeds Converting Garden Seedlings Tower Tonic Labels Tower Gardener Activity Log 90 Day Limited Warranty Promotional Resources Tower Garden intro email Tower Garden Welcome emails … Continue reading

Virtual Franchise Overview

How to Build a Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise 1. Start as a Juice Plus+ Preferred Customer 2. Become a Juice Plus+ Partner Use the Healthy Living Partner Plan Share Videos, have Freedom Revolution Zooms or Facebook Parties 3. Become a Juice Plus+ Partner with Goals    1st Build a base of customers Follow the system: Fast Track Establish … Continue reading

Virtual Tracking

Below is an example of the email Juice Plus+ sends to guide you in good Customer Care. We have added a question to each of Calls 1, 2 and 3, which will help you identify good prospects for the business while you are engaged in customer care. Subject: Virtual Tracking Report Virtual Tracking Report for DOE, … Continue reading

Mastering the Art of Goal Setting

Do you find this an exciting subject or boring? If you read all that I’ve written here, I expect you to be as excited as I am! What Goals do I have? Well, I have 17 goals for 3+ years out, 12 for 6 months out, and 6 for next month; oh, and I’m working … Continue reading

Social Media Guidelines

     Facebook                LinkedIn           Twitter             Instagram                                 Be sure … Continue reading

How To Take Juice Plus+

Juice Plus+ … Just Take It! We email our new customers using this Welcome Email. Advising your customer to start slowly is very important; since they often don’t read emails (properly) you should call them to make sure they start slowly. Here’s what we say: “When is it best to take Juice Plus+? It really doesn’t matter. We suggest … Continue reading

Juice Plus+ Complete Recipes

Looking for more information on Juice Plus+ Complete? (click here) 10 “No-Milk” Shakes with Juice Plus+ Complete by Ivy Larson As you may know, my husband (Andy Larson) is a general surgeon who has a special interest in surgical nutrition and also does a great deal of lap-band bariatric (weight loss) surgery. After weight loss surgery it … Continue reading

Converting Customers into Partners

by Karen Weaver How do we do that? Through great conversations, customer care, building relationships, asking questions, asking more questions, listening, listening, listening. Remember the statistics: 85% only interested in JP 10% may be interested in the business at a later date 5% might be interested right away How do we find the 10%? Listening!! The real art of … Continue reading


Our GOAL is to help you make each and every month your best month ever! This program reduces coaching to answering three simple questions each month and having a friend hold you accountable to achieving the goals you set. EVERYONE CAN DO THAT – both the coachee and the coach. So within a few months … Continue reading

Jim Rohn’s One Year Success Plan

Years ago, on our journey to National Marketing Director, we followed the teaching of  the late, great Jim Rohn  (RIP); we can attribute much of our personal growth to his wisdom, and he contributed more than any other single person to our success. His audio trainings were almost like having him in our own living room … Continue reading