Shred10 Resources

The Shred Guide will help your customers have a successful Shred10 experience by walking them through the program, step by step. It includes the Shred10 Guidelines, success tips, recipes, snack ideas, shopping lists, articles from healthcare professionals, and other helpful resources! Taste the Shred! is a collection of plant-based meal ideas from shredders all over … Continue reading Shred10 Resources

Build Your Customer Base

MAKE AND EXPAND YOUR LIST The Memory Jogger is the #1 tool for every Juice Plus+ Partner, whether you are Newbie or NMD. At its simplest, the Memory Jogger is an Invitation List – the names of those you will invite to look at Juice Plus+ – but as you build your business you will discover it is much … Continue reading Build Your Customer Base

Sharing the Business

Our Mission Driven Model is designed to move people from prospects to customers; from customers to raving fan customers; from raving fan customers to Partners; and from Partners to Partners with goals! Many new team members will come from your customer base so it’s important to share with 2 new people per day to continue … Continue reading Sharing the Business

Getting Your New Partner Started RIGHT!

Invite your new Partner to sit down with you and go through the first 3 or 4 pages of You will learn how serious they are (or not); they will learn how simple it is to start off getting their Partner+ bonus and go from there.


Calendars for Zooms/Calls with Jenny or Mick Schedule one here! If possible choose to Zoom – so much more powerful. Zoom id: password: teameagles. If a welcome or connect Zoom/Call, please email details about the person using this Profile Sheet as a guide. This 3-Way Call Checklist will help us partner to make the most … Continue reading Calendar

Life Planning

A book I read recently has answered a question we’ve had for a very long time, and I can see the truth so clearly now. The book is ‘Becoming a Coaching Leader‘ by Daniel Harkavy: It documents an approach they have developed and perfected over many years in the business world. We’ve always known and taught in … Continue reading Life Planning