Video Emails

We are all so busy! One of our greatest challenges is getting someone’s attention long enough for them to want more information. Video technology (TV, Internet, DVD, etc.) is now commonplace and most of us are wired to need video ‘stimulation’ to help us pay attention; just ask teachers! So, when you first launch your … Continue reading Video Emails

Wellness Presentations

… aka Healthy Living Parties Wellness Presentations (WPs) have come with many different names: aka Wellness Workshops, Healthy Living Parties, Wellness Gatherings, etc. They are now our standard, consistent with our Mission “Inspiring Healthy Living Around the World”, promoting One Simple Change. It is by far the most effective way to: acquire customers build an existing customer’s (and Partner’s) belief … Continue reading Wellness Presentations

Memory Jogger

…aka Your Invitation List The Memory Jogger is the #1 tool for every Juice Plus+ Rep, whether you are Newbie or NMD. At its simplest, the Memory Jogger is an Invitation List – the names of those you will invite to look at Juice Plus+ – but as you build your business you will discover it is much more. This … Continue reading Memory Jogger


LISTEN & QUESTION Your Way to Success “be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.” James 1:19 Asking the right questions at the right time, listening to the answer and responding appropriately to what you have heard are probably the most important skills to learn for success in life and in business. Very few have these … Continue reading Listening

The Power of Duplication

‘Duplication’ involves two different but tightly-connected concepts: Duplication is about results: the exponential growth that comes from our business model. Duplication is about action: the importance of keeping what you do simple, so others can “duplicate” you (OR IS IT?!) The first is vital and pretty easy to understand; the second is often misunderstood. To a significant degree the second leads … Continue reading The Power of Duplication

JP+ Reps with Goals

Taking Juice Plus+ Reps to Reps with Goals by Wendy Campbell RN, NMD For those who may only have their children on gummies and don’t think they can afford Juice Plus for themselves, this is what you may want to suggest to them: “Gosh, I don’t know if this is for you or not but I would … Continue reading JP+ Reps with Goals


Employing the Pipeline concept is crucial to enjoying every aspect of your Virtual Franchise. Capitalize on this method and you will have lots of fun and success. Your Pipeline (it may help to visualize a funnel), is full when you have spoken to lots of people (50-200) about Juice Plus+.  When you’ve spoken to relatively few … Continue reading Pipeline