ATM stands for Add, Tag, Message. You first add (invite) people into our private (+ hidden) Facebook group (for prospects and customers). Next, you tag them in a post or a video you want them to see (firstly, an announcement post that explains what we are all about). And then finally, message them to see … Continue reading A.T.M.

Website Banner Ads

Do you have your own personal or professional website? If so, you may use any of the images posted at Juice PLUS+ Insights (scroll to the bottom) to link back from that site to your personal juiceplus.com website. Use of any Social Media Shareables & Website Banners the Juice Plus+ Partner agrees to adhere to … Continue reading Website Banner Ads


Calendars for Zooms/Calls with Jenny or Mick Schedule one here! If possible choose to Zoom – so much more powerful. Zoom id: http://zoom.us/j/9709485950 password: teameagles. If a welcome or connect Zoom/Call, please email details about the person using this Profile Sheet as a guide. This 3-Way Call Checklist will help us partner to make the most … Continue reading Calendar

Understanding How You Are Paid

The video presentation below will give you a solid foundation for understanding the Juice Plus+ Compensation Plan. You will also learn how to Get Started properly with our very predictable road map for success. PVC REPORT You can also learn how to read your ‘PVC Report‘ by listening to Jenny’s audio training (recorded in 2008!) … Continue reading Understanding How You Are Paid

Engage Your Customer

As you get to Know Your Customer, it’s so important to engage them, to draw them into both the Juice Plus+ Experience and our Juice Plus+ Culture and Community. Your main goals are: to help them develop the  “Juice Plus+ Habit” – only that way will they see the results they deserve and that we … Continue reading Engage Your Customer

Sales Coordinator

Congratulations! You have reached the top commission level in our Business Model and are now earning the full 15% commission. Moving forward as you promote team members to the same SC position, you can qualify for your Promote Out Bonus. Your Next Step is the Leadership Track! Your next major Goal is Qualifying Senior Sales … Continue reading Sales Coordinator


More than ever, people crave Connection. Connection is the first step in having a Conversation. A meaningful conversation will enrich a Relationship. Relationship is at the core of a growing Juice Plus+ business. Success in Juice Plus+ is all about building and growing your relationships. How do you build relationships? You start with trust. And, … Continue reading Connection


CONSISTENCY IS A MUSCLE (listen to Elena Sonnino) Do you ever feel like you’ve lost your motivation? Your momentum? What if the change you wanted, didn’t require to “find” anything?  In this episode, Elena shares the idea that consistency is a muscle, and that you can create more of what you want by taking one … Continue reading Consistency