Next Step Planning

As we coach our team members, it’s important to focus them on the Next Step. To do this we must have a Next Step mindset. We believe it will help if we can give the ‘coachee’ a Vision for what their business will look like at the Next Step, and keep that Vision clearly before … Continue reading Next Step Planning

Create a JP+ Raving Fan

Your goal is to have Raving Fan customers who share their Juice Plus+ Experience with others – in person, in our Facebook customer group and on their own Facebook pages. Prompt them to share their results, with family, with friends, on social media! Ravings Fans result from great Customer Care that ensures a really positive Juice … Continue reading Create a JP+ Raving Fan

Wellness Plus+ Program

The Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise is the perfect part-time business for busy people. Many physicians and other professionals have expressed a sincere interest in Juice Plus+ as a whole food supplement for their patients, clients and customers. While many physicians have the office organization to support a “full scale” implementation of our Wellness Plus+ Program, others prefer … Continue reading Wellness Plus+ Program

Virtual Tracking

Below is an example of the email Juice Plus+ sends to guide you in good Customer Care. We have added a question to each of Calls 1, 2 and 3, which will help you identify good prospects for the business while you are engaged in customer care. Subject: Virtual Tracking Report Virtual Tracking Report for DOE, … Continue reading Virtual Tracking

Health Articles

Below are articles we’ve sent to our friends and family to educate them and give them more exposures to Juice Plus+. Remember the importance of the Drip System. You can copy/paste these into your own emails: open, and point your mouse pointer at, the page you want to use right mouse button click, and click … Continue reading Health Articles

UK Phenomenon

Most of you have heard the rumblings of all the excitement going on in the UK over the last couple of years,… new orders climbing to over 30,000 per month (from 1,000 per month), recruiting up to approx 2,500 new Reps per month (from 100 per month), record setting promotions left and right, etc. At … Continue reading UK Phenomenon

Great Expectations

LISTEN HERE TO OUR CALL ON THIS TOPIC How a new person starts their Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise is really important. Some start with a clear vision, goals and a plan, and they complete their Fast Track in 30 or 60 days. The way you start sets the pace for the rest of your business … Continue reading Great Expectations

Business Management Resources

20-10-5-1 Success Formula 3-Way Connection Calls 5 a Month 90 Day Game Plan The Birth of Juice Plus+ by Dr. Humbart Santillo Children’s Health Study Contribution Breakdown Clubs and Average Earnings Coaching Compensation Plan Compensation Plan UK Daily Method of Operation (DMO) December strategies to CRUSH IT in January Doctor’s Juice Plus+ Prescription Duplication Getting to … Continue reading Business Management Resources