These articles were written for our church newsletter. Please let me know if they help. Encouragement is such an important part of life, and it’s so vital for success in our business. It is also a common attribute of all great leaders. One of my biblical heroes and leadership role models (after Jesus himself) is Barnabas, … Continue reading Leadership

Training Calls

These calls are a great opportunity to have some of our most successful NMDs train you and your new distributors in our system as well as a wonderful learning tool for improving your own coaching and training skills. Campbell Team Training Calls (www.campbellteam.net password ‘campbellteam’) Team Eagles Training Calls Dr. Jim Guest, CCN: “Juice Plus+ Complete – … Continue reading Training Calls

Facebook Parties Pro Tips

#1: Knowing how to interact on FB. Think of it as Facebook is like living in a dorm. Everyone you interact with has a reason for being here, but not always the same reason as you. Discover their reason, and you will discover common ground. There will be drama… walk away and avoid it, or address … Continue reading Facebook Parties Pro Tips

The Power of Five: Farming

by David Beavers #2 The Law of the Farm Listen to David We’ve all been busy. Busy beyond belief. All the busy-ness culminated today with the close of another phenomenal month. Not just the PVC numbers at the bottom of your reports, but the realization of seeing that what we have been doing for 3,4,5 … Continue reading The Power of Five: Farming