Value of the Virtual Franchise

Gordon Hester, business expert and economist, spoke recently regarding the wellness industry and the future of health care and social security. He sees the future as a ‘yellow brick road’ for Juice Plus+ and the Virtual Franchise. Why?

The Baby Boomer segment of society is growing.  Starting in January 2011 more than 10,000 ‘boomers’ a day will retire and this will continue for the next 19 years. Here’s what they face (and you will face sooner or later):

1. Traditional pensions are diminishing.  In 1980, some 39% of private-sector workers had pensions that “guaranteed a steady payout during retirement”.  Today that figure is closer to 15%. What of the other 85%?  How about you?

2. Over the past decade, the cumulative return on the S&P 500 (the 500 largest public companies in the US market) is 4%.  In other words, investments in the stock market are not growing, even consistent with inflation, if you look at them over a 10 year period. How about you?

3. The real estate fall has magnified the problem.  Many Senior Citizens depended on their homes for retirement.  However, since the housing crash, homes have dropped about 33% in value.  Today, 22% of homeowners (nearly 11 million people) owe more money than their home is worth.  Estimates expect that percentage to climb to almost 50%.  How about you?

4. Debt continues to be a problem.  Nearly 67% of people age 55 to 64 have mortgage debt.  In other words, most retirees will not be debt free which will magnify their financial challenges. Most will need to continue to work to earn money after retirement age and for years to come. How about you?

5. Social Security is a growing problem.  75% of those eligible for Social Security (the US Government retirement program for its citizens) apply for benefits starting at age 62.  With the average age of life expectancy over 80, this means the system has to support its Senior Citizens for a long period of time (when the system was set up the age of death was 3 years after the age of retirement).  Healthcare and Medicare are a growing cost and if not addressed will likely bankrupt the program over time.  Keep in mind that an average 55 year old man will need to have about $187,000 saved just to cover future medical costs if he wants to be 90% certain to have enough money to pay for supplemental Medicare coverage.  How about you?

6. EVERYONE is going to pay more taxes (and fees regulated by all levels of government).

7. The average American currently spends 30% of their income on health care related expenditures.  Interestingly enough, before the stock market crash, the average 401K account balance at retirement was just$78,000. Currently, it is estimated that an average person retiring should have a 401K balance of $320,000 to replace one half of their income during retirement.  You can do the math to figure out what’s left after health care and taxes, etc.  How about you?

Our target markets for Juice Plus+ include everyone who breathes. Our target market for the Virtual Franchise includes everyone who plans for the future – a future which is both scary and exciting.

Here’s the good news

Our purpose with Juice Plus+ is to help prevent our customers from becoming medical statistics and to provide YOU, and some of them, with an ongoing revenue stream and life purpose before and into your retirement years (including – if you choose – early retirement).

Another interesting point from Gordon’s presentation is the outstanding positioning of our company.  Below is a business graphic called an S curve.  This tool is used to show rate of growth and market saturation points.  You can parallel this graphic to several industries of the past such as the Ford automobile surge of the early 1900’s or more recently the cellular phone industry.  Every industry/product has an invention/innovation phase, a growth phase and a saturation/maturity phase.

After taking a moment to consider the automobile industry, you will see the position of our company could not be better.  Because of Juice Plus+’s pioneering entry into the wholefood supplementation industry (in 1993) we are way ahead of any other product on the market from a research and reputation standpoint.  We have successfully created a convenient, inexpensive way to get the very best of proven nutrition into our bodies.  The competition can only follow and will never catch up to our 18 published research studies.  Twenty-four University and Medical Research Centers around the world agree!

As you look at the positioning of Juice Plus+ within the wellness industry below, be encouraged.  America is on the verge of a paradigm shift from treating illness with prescriptions to wellness and preventative health.  We are positioned to grow our businesses to a level that not only meets our internal desire to provide for our families but also allows us to serve others through the prosperity of our Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise, which is perfectly proven, prepared and positioned:


The world is ready and waiting.  Don’t pass up an opportunity to spread the word about what Juice Plus+ can do for  health.  Every time you even mention it, you are giving someone the opportunity to change their life forever.  We owe it to them to speak confidently of the products and the research. Allow us to help you gain that confidence.