Super Track Lift Off

The serious new Juice Plus+ Rep’s goal is Sales Coordinator in 6 months or less. The 3-3-3 Plan for your quickest route to the top. Follow these steps to get you to the top commission level and a $1,000+ monthly check in 3 months or less.

  • Ground Zero: Believe – become a “product of the product”; order and use ‘all’ the JP products including the Tower Garden. This allows you to experience and quickly become a ‘believer’ in all our products, and it gets you almost one third of the way to your first goal of Virtual Franchisee (you can count 600 points of your own orders towards your 2000+ Fast Track). Follow the steps below and your income will more than cover the cost of your purchases.
  • Step 1: ‘Memory Jogger – list at least 25 names, preferably more (see your Starter Guide).  As soon as it’s completed, send the document to your sponsor, who will have a brainstorming call with you (and your upline NMD).  After the call you will have a plan and next steps with every name on your list.  You will identify 5-10 who you will intentionally talk to about the business first to make sure you quickly get the first “1” in your 2000+.

Learn – while working on your Memory Jogger, watch all of the videos at and  You will learn a lot and get very comfortable with our phenomenal product. Make sure you identify the videos that you like best and will share with the people on your list.

  • Step 2: Stories – work on your Juice Plus+ and Virtual Franchise Stories.

Juice Plus+ made sense to me because__________ (communicate Why you believe in Juice Plus+ so strongly)

I decided to build a Virtual Franchise because______________ (communicate your Vision for the business)

Practice your stories with your sponsor, your family anda few close friends. Keep improving your stories until they are perfect and memorized. Start sharing your stories over and over, every day – very soon you will be comfortable, confident and successful.

  • Step 3: Share – follow the plan developed in 1 above to start with your own 600 points; share your Stories; use the tools; get more orders from outside your household (to accumulate another 400 points) and sponsor your first ‘1’ (team member). Teach them to follow your lead; you and they can each Fast Track in 30 days!

Schedule Facebook Parties, Zoom Events and/or Wellness Presentations and invite, invite, invite. Take guests to local Prevention Plus+ seminars and take your business prospects to local Virtual Franchise events.

Connection Calls with successful JP+ Reps. are also a great way to expose your prospects to the Juice Plus+ culture.

  • Step 4: Customer Care – start learning the art of great Customer Care with good follow-up calls.

Using the New Customer Questionnaire and JP+ Experience Survey will solidify your customers and introduce new Juice Plus+ products to them.

  • Step 5: Team Building (Duplicate) – do it again in months 2, 3, etc. and Super Track your next ‘1’. Do it again!

Results – finish your 2000+ in 30 days, and you will receive $500 or more your first month*. Your check will more than cover the cost of your own products, from Ground Zero above, and you will be ready to push on to Sales Coordinator and Senior Sales Coordinator.

Duplicate this Super Track, your check will grow each month and you should reach SALES COORDINATOR (SC) in 3+ months and SENIOR SALES COORDINATOR in 6-12 months. You could earn $4,600* along the way – see below – and your monthly residual income check could be over $2000.

* Team Building Bonus plus Retail Sales Profit


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