Virtual Franchisee with a Qualified Business

Congratulations! You have reached an important milestone: a Qualified Business. You are now able to earn the important 5% performance bonus, in addition to commissions and retail profit. Over time this little 5% will grow into the most significant contributor to your monthly check.

You have also mastered the first “fundamental’ of the Virtual Franchise – Building a Customer Base.

What Next?! With your coach use this Plan to help focus and plan to achieve your Goals.

Your Goal

Your next Goal is Sales Coordinator. The  Fast Track to Sales Coordinator Program will help you achieve this next promotion – the highest commission level in the JP+ Virtual Franchise.

Depending on whether you are taking the Fast or the “Slow” Track, these are the requirements for your promotion:

  • 12,000 in total accumulated points or 8,000 in points in your first 6 months

  • 500 in personal points in qualifying month

  • Must be Performance Bonus Qualified (PBQ)

  • 12,000 point requirement – 3 Direct Distributor lines

  • 8,000 point requirement (Fast Track) – 2 of 3 lines must be at the Virtual Franchisee level (Special Rules Apply)

To get where YOU want to go, help your team achieve their goals. As you help first one, then another, then another to qualify their businesses, just as you have done, you will find that you reach your goals too.

You have ‘graduated’ from Phase 1: Learn the Basics – well done! You will now develop the skills of Phase 2: Build a Team.

Your Focus

Continue building your Team. Help each of your new JP+ Reps. to Fast Track.

Continue to Plan – Invite – Share – Follow Up – Care and teach your team to do the same.

Start your month with your Invitation List and teach your team to do the same. Use the 20-10-5-1 Success Formula with Intention and Invitation.

Use and teach your Team the art of Mission Driven Model. This is absolutely key to developing enthusiastic customers who will take Juice Plus+ long term, who will spread the good news (giving you referrals), and some of whom will join your team as Juice Plus+ Reps.

Support your growing team with Facebook Parties and Wellness Presentations.