Videos Wherever You Go

These days many of us own ipads or equivalent. There's nothing more convenient or effective than showing your customer or prospect a video on your ipad wherever you are - coffee shop, kitchen, office, even at the soccer game.

If you click on each video below, you can save it to your PC (or Mac!) and from there load it into iTunes and from there to your ipad. This way you can show videos on the beach or a mountain, where you don't have an internet connection!

Alternatively (if you have a good internet connection) you can select one from your ipad or smartphone and watch it there.

DVDs online:

9 Simple Steps to a Healthier Family (Dr. Bill Sears)

A Work of Heart (nurses) ... Nurses, Nurses & Nutrition, Nurses & Juice Plus+

Bridging the Gap (8 doctors)

Desert Runners (The Runners who ran the 4 Deserts in 2010)

Fitness Effect (numerous medical and fitness professionals)

Heart of the Matter (Dr. Tamara Sachs)

Next Best Thing (health & product video)

Power Behind Juice Plus+ (Dr. Richard DuBois)

Prime-Time Health (Dr. Bill Sears)

Rx for a Healthier Life (Dr. Janet Roberto)

Whole Truth Revisited (Dr. Richard DuBois)

Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise (business video)

Juice Plus+ Videos on Youtube (some examples:)

David Phillips, MD (sports medicine and ironman triathlete)

Doug Odom, MD (ob/gyn)

Emma Buckley (nutritionist and tv presenter in the UK)

Frank Eggleston, DDS (smile)

Jim Sears, MD (pediatrics)

Mitra Ray, PhD (beauty)

Mike Ewald, DC (chiropractic)

How to use videos to build your Virtual Franchise.