Wellness Strategy 4


To successfully manage your health and weight, healthful eating and a physically active lifestyle need to become everyday habits.

Realize, though, that it takes time to make new habits of your daily routine. So take it slow. Gradual, sensible changes rather than quick fixes will get you further in the long run. The road to optimal health will take time, but it’s a road worth traveling.

If you need to lose weight, aim for slow and steady fat loss. One pound a week, on average, is a healthy rate of loss. More than two pounds per week may mean your eating and activity efforts are too extreme, and therefore proJuice Plus + scalesbably short-lived. Remember, it took a while to put on the extra weight; realize it won’t disappear overnight. Too few calories and your body will think you are starving; this will result in you losing protein (lean tissue) and your body will protect the fat that you want to lose.

We recommend you forget scale weight and focus on losing body fat. This is what most of us need to lose, and the result will be loss of inches (and lbs.) and an amazing increase in well-being, energy and a sense of finally being “in charge”. Women should aim for no more than 22% of their body weight coming from fat, men should aim for 15%.

Diet and exercise can help reduce the risk of diseases like heart disease and stroke, diabetes and cancer. Learn why eating fruits and vegetables is especially important, and how you can benefit from adding Juice Plus+ to your diet.

The Eight “P”s

plant-based eating 
portion control 
physical activity 
practical thinking 
positive attitude 
+ priority

Juice Plus+ is the next best thing to fruits and vegetables.