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Fast Track with the 2000+

As a new Juice Plus+ Rep., how you start your Virtual Franchise is up to you: you set the pace and we will match it.

Our Fast Track program allows you to earn a promotion and a $100 Healthy Living Plan Bonus (HLP) during your first 30 days.

Then you can earn an additional $250 2000+ Bonus (in addition to your profits and commissions) and a free ticket to the next Juice Plus+ Conference. When you complete your 2000+ Fast Track your sponsor will also receive $250, so they are highly motivated to help you, as you will be to help your team!

Completing this Fast Track gains you two promotions and a 14% pay raise with only one third of the business volume normally required - on the 'slow track' (2000 vs 6000 points). It also sets you up for this progress:

How do you accumulate the 2000 points?

NOTE: points count ONLY from your personally sponsored team members (ie. "front-line"), not from other Reps on their teams.

Start with your own family's orders Your customers will buy the Juice Plus+ products that you use and love. If you don't grow a Tower Garden, they won't. If you don't use the Vineyard, Omega and Complete, they won't either. It's that simple!

Look at this typical example:

Product qty pvc points
JP+ Children's Health Study order 1 106.5
JP+ Vineyard Blend order 1 63
JP+ Complete order 1 70.5
JP+ Chewable Samples order 1 63
Tower Garden 1 352.5
Total 655.5

To earn the $100 HLP bonus, your initial 500 points must come from at least 2 other households (as well as your own) and your 2000 points must come from at least 7 other households.

Note: by following this approach, the $100 HLP bonus you earn (plus your first month 'profit' on your products and your customers') should cover the cost of your Juice Plus+ products during your first 2 months, at least.

How do most people complete their Fast Track?

1. Ordering Juice Plus+ products for their own family first - 600 points maximum count towards your 2000.

2. Getting one team member (or more), who does the same - 600 points.

3. Together with their new team member(s), taking orders from 6 other households to total 800 points.

This can be done in a day, a week or a month (or two); the faster the better; you set the pace you want for your future team, because they will follow your lead. "Let me tell you what I did when I started."

If you find 2 team members instead of one, then you move even faster.

All orders, including your own, must be Preferred Customer orders to count towards your Fast Track bonus; the only 'wholesale order' permitted for the Fast Track is one order for the JP+ Chewable Samples.

Your new Rep must have at least one active preferred customer order on his/her account.

All of your personally sponsored team members (ie. "front-line") Rep(s)'s personal and customer orders contribute to your 2000 points for the $250 bonus and VF promotion.

How can I best plan and track my 2000+?

Use this Tracking Sheet and Points Chart.

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