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Register with our company for a $50 annual membership and start saving money.

You will then receive a rebate on your family's orders (see below). Most of us start with the Juice Plus+ Trio. The initial rebate on this order is $39; you will receive the same every 4 months. The savings are even greater with our Children's Health Study.

You can also share Juice Plus+ with a few friends and family to further offset the cost of your own family's Juice Plus+. This could earn you a $100 Healthy Living Plan bonus and more:

Our Healthy Living Plan

The HLP is really simple: just make a list of your "inner circle" - the people you know and love. Find just two of them who want to order Juice Plus+. Together with your own order ... you are there! Do this in 30 days and you will receive a $100 "Healthy Living Plan" cash bonus, plus $100 or more in rebates on the orders.

Watch some of the videos at www.JPVideos.tv; do any of them bring to mind someone who might love Juice Plus+?

You can share those videos with your 'inner circle'. It's as simple as asking "If I send you a link to a short video, would you watch it and let me know what you liked best about it?"

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