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Dr. Bill Sears' 9 Simple Steps to a Healthier Family

Step 1: Shape young tastes

Step 2: Feed your family the right carbohydrates

Step 3: Feed your family the right fats

Step 4: Feed your family "grow" foods

Step 5: Raise a grazer

Step 6: Start the day with a brainy breakfast

Step 7: Feed your family lots of fruits and vegetables

Step 8: Take your children to the supermarket

Step 9: Add Juice Plus+ to a healthy diet

Learn how to get Juice Plus+ free for your child aged 4-18 or for your full-time college student by enrolling him or her in the Juice Plus+ Health Study. We have over 500,000 children enrolled in the Study in 14 countries.


Juice Plus+ is the most thoroughly researched brand name nutrition in history, with 15 studies published in medical and nutrition journals and 13 more studies underway.

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Juice Plus+ Health Study Results