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"We moved from England to Colorado, USA; we just took 15 years to do it,

with 11 years in Texas and 4 years RVing across America."

That's our answer to people who ask, "where are you from?" For almost four years we traveled through 46 states, Canada, Australia and Europe, on a personal Journey of Discovery, working our business and in search of a new home: somewhere to put down roots again.

This total freedom in choosing where to live presented some interesting challenges. Most of us are "told" where to live by our employer, or maybe we live where we grew up. So how do you decide when no-one and nothing dictates the answer?

Our rig


To discover how we decided, you can read Jenny's Journal and our Colorado page.

Suffice it to say, the Rocky Mountains won, and since 2001 we've made them our home.

For years we had dreamed of spending a year or two RVing ... so, before settling down in Colorado, we did it!

While here you can learn from our 4 years of "full-time" RVing experience (1997-2001).

Our New Beach Home

Home in Eagle, CO

After building our log home in 2001-2002, and living in it for a wonderful 7 years, it sold in March '09 (miraculously!), and in August we moved into our new home (built by Ben & Kevin) in Eagle, CO to be even closer to our growing family.

During these years, our family grew by the addition of two wonderful daughters-in-law, and the 6 super grandchildren that they bore.

Thank you Ben & Jen and Kevin & Erin ... and God!

God bless,

Eagle, Colorado, USA

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