Nutrients, Not Just Vitamins, Are Key to Anti-Aging

We all believe that vitamins may help our health in some way. While some specific vitamins have been shown to provide benefit - namely, Vitamin D is the talk of the town - it is more important to get the full gamut of nutrients from whole foods. That's why if you are still going to supplement your diet, you should go with a whole food nutritional supplement like Juice Plus+ . There are a few good nutritional supplements on the market today, but we take and recommend Juice Plus+ because of all the excellent published research behind it, in addition to customer feedback and our own experience.

In the realm of anti-aging, skin health is a key factor of interest to most of us, so it's great to know that Juice Plus+ is now proven to improve skin health; here's the abstract of a new Juice Plus+ study published in the FASEB Journal.

Here are more ways you can improve your anti-aging and skin health efforts with specific nutrients, in addition to whole food nutrition and Juice Plus+:

Miami Beach, Fla. The science to prove claims that oral supplements help reduce the signs of skin aging is lacking. But one dermatologist says she believes that supplementing with specific vitamins, oils and other nutrients plays an important role in anti-aging treatments especially when patients do not get enough of these nutrients in their diets.

"I think oral supplements are even more important than topicals for aging skin, because they help not just to revitalize skin, but also the heart, lungs, brain even the eyes," says Leslie Baumann, M.D., a Miami Beach, Fla., dermatologist and author of the textbook Cosmetic Dermatology (McGraw Hill 2009).

The challenge for dermatologists recommending them is that there is no evidence-based protocol for taking antioxidants, fish oil and more. Basic science research, according to Dr. Baumann, offers some insight, suggesting that telomere shortening plays a role in aging and that antioxidants may benefit telomeres. Telomeres are regions of repetitive DNA at the end of chromosomes, which protect chromosomes from destruction.

Based on her experience with patients and anti-aging, Dr. Baumann says there are three categories of oral supplementation to which dermatologists should pay particular attention: antioxidants, omega 3 and alpha-linoleic fatty acids.

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So while there are specific supplements that can provide some direct benefit to you and your overall health, the rule of thumb is still: "stick with whole food nutrition." That is, get your nutrition from a variety of fruits and vegetables, including grapes and berries. And if you are going to fall short of the minimum recommendation (9-13 servings daily), then add Juice Plus+ to your daily intake. A whole food nutritional supplement is the best choice after the whole foods themselves, to bridge the gap; please watch the 8 doctors in the video below.

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