Juice Plus+ for Sports Recovery & Fitness

Four studies of Juice Plus+ in serious athletes have now been published.

Interview with Dave O'Brien (veteran of 6 Desert Marathons - 155 miles)

Have you noticed an improvement in your energy and vitality levels?
As one gets older, many think, in fact almost expect to have less energy and vitality. However, since I started taking Juice Plus+ almost 16 years ago, my energy and vitality levels have noticeably increased.

Have you experienced an improvement in recovering from muscle soreness?
Muscle Soreness Recovery has been a feature and main benefit for me from taking Juice Plus+, particularly after my longer runs. Having run 250 kilometres (155 miles) across the Atacama Desert in March this year and 12 weeks later 250 kilometres across the Gobi Desert in China, I can tell you it was not an issue, this is quite remarkable. Bearing in mind that I am 56 years of age and running against competitors half my age, some who were suffering from muscle fatigue. Let me give you an example. Day 5 in these Ultra Races is always "The Long Day". The long day in the Gobi Desert took me 26 hours 56 minutes, helping a young 26 year old man (the age of one of my sons) across the finishing line. Not only did I not have muscle soreness I did not have it the following day either, not bad for a 56 year old man, on his feet for almost 27 hours, carrying 10Kg on his back in extreme heat and with no sleep. The Juice Plus+ Fruit, Vegetable and particularly the Vineyard Blend had a major impact on my cardiovascular wellness i.e circulation etc. I also used the Juice Plus+ Complete to fuel my body to repair, getting my carbohydrate and protein in perfect balance. That wonderful slow release of natural sugars from plant life, from mother nature.

Have you noticed a better resistance to tiredness?
Living a busy life, running my own business, running across Deserts and lot of traveling around the world, you would imagine tiredness would be an issue for me, however tiredness has had little place in my life since being on Juice Plus+. I have boundless energy and I often get asked what socket I am plugged into, I say "Juice Plus+."

Have you experienced an improvement in your general well-being?
I have experienced so many benefits from taking Juice Plus+, in fact I am so used to feeling "well" all the time, I suppose you could say I have taken it for granted. My immune system is amazing, even tiredness is not an issue.

Have you noticed yourself eating more fruits and vegetables?
I must say I was never a great fruit eater and would only take my usual two or three "cooked" vegetables with my dinner. No real variety and no raw veg. A few months into taking Juice Plus+ I noticed my food choices, particularly when snacking were changing. Very subtle initially, then more noticeable. I started to eat more fruit and a wider variety of vegetables, more salads, nuts and grains.

Why is Juice Plus+ important for you?
Juice Plus+ for me is a "no brainer". It is important for me for several reasons.
(a) At 56 years of age I want to continue to have the "health" that I have to enjoy my family and my life, for many years to come.
(b ) It is so important to me for repair and recovery. As an athlete I create a lot of exercise induced oxidative stress, not good, so having many servings of raw food in my bloodstream, my antioxidant levels soar and my free radical damage is reduced.
(c) It is about stacking the cards in my favour. It is about prevention. It is and will always be, "my insurance policy".

Why did you decide to take Juice Plus+?
Juice Plus+ made sense to me after hearing an Irish Olympic swimmer explain the benefits from eating a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, particularly raw and the benefits he found himself. He talked about recovery and repair, about high doses of antioxidants in the blood stream and significant reduction in free radical damage. That day I can honestly say that I took ownership and responsibility of my health.

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