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"It’s imperative that we know our products and our business because knowledge precedes passion. If we know WHY we love something we’re going to love it even more. If I don’t believe in the information about Juice Plus+, my business isn’t going to go anywhere! So, now that we know all about the products, we can go TELL everyone about them, right? …

WRONG! Step one in running a successful Juice Plus+ Franchise is not to be the expert! That doesn’t mean bury everything you’ve learned about the products, it means use the information as a tool instead of reciting it like memorization. A tool can be anything from another team member to a recent article or video. Three way calls and emails are always effective and we have plenty of experts on this team for you to utilize to fit any of your customers needs."

Did you know it takes five to six exposures, on average, before someone places an order (or signs up as a distributor)? Follow-up is essential! If you let another distributor follow-up on the seed YOU planted, then they get your hard-earned commission check! If you are chatting in person or over the phone, leave the conversation open. Don’t say, “Let me know if you’re interested!” Instead, ask them if they’d like more information or if they’re ready to order today. Keep them engaged into the conversation with you instead of just TELLING them everything you know.

If you’re chatting online, asking permission to send something or asking when they would have watched the video by is usually MLM overkill that can be spotted a mile away. In my experience, having closed almost ALL of my orders on some sort of electronic communication and signing up 3 distributors that way (including an SC promotion), you will have a better result for that scenario if you say something like “I found this recorded call today about autism and Juice Plus+. I don’t know if it’s something you’ve already looked into for you and your son but he is eligible to get his for free under the Children’s Health Study, so I thought I’d pass it along!”

A good rule of thumb is to do the opposite electronically that you do in person – AT FIRST. What I mean by that is, if you are contacting a cold contact who hasn’t already asked for information, don’t engage them. Send them a short message and say something like “just thought you’d like to read this!” which ends the conversation. Don’t end in a question or even attempt to follow-up after an electronic cold-contact. Your reputation will instantly turn into the harassing network marketer from the caring, concerned friend. Internet etiquette is different than in-person etiquette and to be successful at both, we need to learn both. Once they respond to you and REQUEST more information, proceed with the normal follow-up GoPro guidelines.

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