Facebook Parties Pro Tips

#1: Knowing how to interact on FB.

Think of it as Facebook is like living in a dorm.

  • Everyone you interact with has a reason for being here, but not always the same reason as you.

  • Discover their reason, and you will discover common ground.

  • There will be drama… walk away and avoid it, or address it personally.

  • Negativity, inappropriate content, etc, can be addressed via Private Message (PM), then “unfollowing” the person, and if persistent, by “blocking” the person.

  • There will be cliques, these take the form of groups, pages and conversation strings. Find ones that work for you. Don’t join just because you think you should.

There are times to join in, and times to pass by smiling (always smiling).

Read the post and comments. Comments are a conversation, not a letter or email. If you can naturally join the conversation, go ahead. If not, hit “like” and keep moving. Don’t over-comment, people can feel when it’s not natural.

There are trends to keep an eye on and keep ahead of. Hashtagging tracks trends (and also draws attention). Don’t overuse hashtags, but don’t be afraid to make up silly ones, either. 🙂

Your personal page is like your door to the rest of the dorm. Only put on the outside of your door what you want the world to see, but share enough of yourself that people want to meet you. Don’t spam your door with only JP – people want to see the real you.

#2: Pinning Posts.

  • Only 1 post can be pinned to an event at a time. 

  • Pin your latest post so that people can find it easier. It will always be at the top of the page just under the party description. 

  • A post can only be pinned after it is posted.

  • To pin a post, use the down arrow on the top right of the post. Select “Pin Post”. It’s that easy! When you are ready to change posts, deselect it using “Unpin post” before pinning the next post.

#3: Watch for traffic flow to predict the flow of your party.

This one is incredibly large, so the flow is a bit uneven. A standard party has 5-10 participants and is much easier to gauge.

#4: Notifications.

You can stop email notificaitons coming  from parties you have said you would attend. Click on the number under GUESTS (below the photos of those attending); find yourself in the list; click the X to the right to “Remove from guest list”.

In any party you can turn off notifications for that post to ease the mania…upper right corner of the post.

#5: How to get the most customers and team out of your parties?

Don’t be disappointed by the answer, because we all know it… Follow UP!

Just like any event, the follow up is EXTREMELY important! If you’re like me, where you fall short is HOW to follow up. We have been focusing on learning and applying the GO PRO techniques, and something that stands out the most is that the goal is to increase the number of exposures in a shorter amount of time. That’s a top purpose of these parties.


Send each attendee a personal message after the event. Ask what they liked or were interested in. Ask what they have questions about. Keep following up and providing more information. Keep asking questions. Use the GO PRO techniques, techniques from conferences, etc to help your guests understand the product and company completely. Listen to them, their concerns, their needs, where they are in life. Be there for them. Inspire them.