Promotions, Bonuses and Rewards

Scroll down for Definitions, information on Restarts, “Slow Track” and explanation of Title Rewards.


Working Line
A line is each independent segment of your downline. Each line begins with an Independent Representative you personally sponsor (Frontline) and represents a new and separate “line” in your organization.

Commission Qualified
To qualify to earn a Commission in a given month you must have at least 175 in paid Personal Points that month.


The Juice Plus+ Company cares about you and your success! Should you miss completing the “Promotional Product Volume”, “Preferred Customer” or “Team Structure” requirements for any of the Fast Track Titles for P+, QSC, or SC, you still have an opportunity to restart this journey at any time and earn the associated Title Rewards. However, Restarts do not qualify for Express Track, only Fast Track. 

So: if you didn’t complete your Partner+ promotion in your first 30 days (or, if you have recently been reinstated having previously been a Partner) you can restart on ANY day.

If you are a Partner+ who didn’t complete your QSC promotion, you can restart your 60 days for Fast Track promotion to QSC on ANY day, however the 30-day Express Track option is no longer available.

Best of all, any of the required Promotional Product Volume that reships within your new calendar month window(s) will count toward the volume requirements of your new Title Rewards.

Note: If you are restarting your Fast Track to Sales Coordinator any Promotional Product Volume generated under a Sales Coordinator line will not count toward your promotion.

“Slow Track” Cumulative Promotion

A cumulative track is available without Fast Track Title Rewards

  • Partner+ – generate 4,000 in Promotional Product Volume over any period of time.
  • Qualifying Sales Coordinator – generate 12,000 in Promotional Product Volume over any period of time.
  • Sales Coordinator – generate 22,000 in Promotional Product Volume over any period of time, and create structure of at least three Partner+s.

Bonuses Explained: