Congratulations! You have achieved your first promotion and reached the 5% commission level as well as receiving a Title Reward and free Conference ticket.

Your Next Step:

Complete the Express Track/Fast Track to Qualifying Sales Coordinator in your first 30-60 days. Here’s your QSC Checklist!

This worksheet will help you and your sponsor plan and track your progress (here’s an example).


If the ship date of your first order is, for example, June 15th, the last day of your 30-day window (for Express Track) is July 15th, of your 60-day window (for Fast Track) is August 15th.

The required 7 preferred customer orders must be in 7 different names. Multiple orders can be on the same credit card. However, if an order (using the Partner’s credit card) is shipped to another address, that does NOT count as one of the necessary orders, and the volume does NOT count towards the points needed.

In addition to your own orders and your customers’ orders, orders from your ‘level 1″ (personally sponsored) Partners AND their customers DO count towards your 3,600 PPV points.

If you missed your 10 day Express Track window for Partner+ but got it in 11+ days, you can still Express Track to QSC in 30 days, earning Title Rewards of $50 (instead of $100) and $400.

IF YOU DIDN’T COMPLETE YOUR QSC PROMOTION AT THE START AND YOU WANT TO RESTART YOUR FAST TRACK, THEN YOUR 60 DAYS TO FAST TRACK CAN START ON ANY DAY, however the 30-day Express Track option is no longer available. More information on Restart.

During a Restart, any product that reships during the new 60 days will count for your promotion.

Be sure to use the Customer Profile with each new customer – a vital tool to help your customer become a Raving Fan.

Here is a list of all current prices and promotional product volumes for promotion (click here for more detail):

This video will help you find a Partner (or three!). Share it with those who see the value in Juice Plus+ for their family.

Your Next Step