Sharing by Texting

“If I … would you?” is one of the most powerful invitations you can make. “If I sent you a link to a short video, would you watch it and let me know what you liked best about it?”

This is THE simplest and easiest way to invite someone to take a look at Juice Plus+ and/or your business. is our product video website designed to be a one-stop-shop for all the best JP videos – 19 short ones and four longer ones at the bottom.

When you want to invite a prospect or customer to watch one of the videos, you can send them to

Texting (or Facebook messaging)

This is designed to start/jumpstart/restart your business sharing with warm market. Many of us are intimidated by talking on the phone to people – afraid of rejection or just not accustomed to this “habit”. You can do this via text, email or private Facebook message and take away the “sting” of perceived rejection.

Make a list of 10 people (or more) that you would like to share Juice Plus+ with: people you would love to benefit just as you and your family are benefitting. The following are just suggestions; find your own ‘voice’. The real point is to get started IMMEDIATELY, without over-thinking who you’re going to contact. This also makes a great weekly team activity.

Friends & Family Plan Example

“Hi John! Our family has just started an exciting new journey to better health and I thought of you. If I sent you some information, would you take a look and see if it’s something your family might be interested in too? If not, that’s perfectly ok.”

That’s it! Just send that out. You will probably hear back from a few people who want more info. So then here is what you send:

“Thank you so much! This short video will help you understand why we are so excited: I would value your opinion on Juice Plus+. Would watch it and let me know?”

GENY Example

“Hi Jane. Hope you are doing well! (Make it personal – maybe a few words) I am starting a new program (or business/campaign – whatever you want to say) and I need your help. Let me know if you are open to hearing more and I can send you some info.”

To those who respond positively:

“Awesome! Thank you so much! I am looking for 10 participants to give me their feedback on our program and I would love to have you as one of them because I value your opinion. Here is a short video explaining the program: I would love to know what you think!”

Shred10 Example

Here’s another tried-and-tested approach. Craft your own verbiage (‘program’ instead of ‘campaign’?):

“Hello Jill. I’m starting a new campaign and I could really use your help. Text me back so I can give you the details. I think you’ll love it – thank you!”

To those who respond positively:

“To help me, I’d like you to buy one box of the JP+ Complete shake, drink it twice a day every day for 10 days, then continue with once a day. Your honest feedback will help us market our campaign more successfully. It’s delicious, it’s healthy. I’ve been drinking our shakes twice a day since [date] and enjoying amazing results. This short video will tell you more Can I count on you to help? Please let me know.”

Once you have done 10, do 10 more.

If you speak with them just share your remarkable experience and get the order information so they can be part of your test market. Do not stay on phone long, you have to make some other calls/texts.n The focus is to sell product with the text. ABC close and invite to next event.

Text to Set an Appointment

Of course, it’s best of all to have them watch the video with you right alongside them. So you may prefer to use texting to set an appointment. Eric Worre (GoPro) teaches you to do that here, and explains why texting is best: