Facebook Parties

Facebook is more than a social media website. Much more! Facebook is fast becoming a Business Building Platform – optional but powerful. Facebook is becoming one of our top Tools, especially Facebook Parties!

Facebook Parties are for EVERYONE! Facebook Parties are powerful. They are FREE and you and your guests can attend in your jammies (you don’t even have to be there with PostMyParty!)

New Partner Launch Party – the best way to launch your business

A new JP+ partner should have their first FB party within one week of signing up. The sponsor will host the party, but the new partner will post their story and make other comments during the party. This should be an intimate event – only friends of the new partner invited – 20-30 guests would be excellent.

Customer/Friend Hosted Party

Expanding  your “warm market” is important and easy with Facebook. You can leverage the friends of your friends! This is working amazingly well! Full details are HERE.

Post My Party Automated Posting

This app enables you to create entire parties one time as a template and easily schedule them with a few clicks of the mouse. Full details are HERE.


It takes preparation and a team. Full details are HERE.


This is SO important! Full details are HERE.

Post Event

Once the Event is over, these actions are critical for success.


Even MORE important! Learn the skills HERE.